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Listen to The Blissful Moments: When Do You Feel Complete Happiness?
Lee Hyein  |  ihyein503@hanyang.ac.kr
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[349호] 승인 2021.03.02  
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Jang Eun-soo

Department of Business Administration 16

I think that happiness is rather a philosophical concept as it often requires acknowledgment from a particular figure which I can’t classify as truthful. Being asked the question, I too came up with the many memories of being given recognition from others like writing a professional literature piece or being praised for hard work. Since all of these didn’t seem to represent true happiness, I tried to simplify the matter. I feel genuinely happy when I see a puppy regardless of their breed. To specify, my dog “Ggoboong” is the cutest. All the things it does from being happy for the whole day about a simple matter to its unusual preference of protein food all contribute to my ultimate happiness. To go a little further, my goal in life is to build a house where I can take care of as many abandoned dogs as possible. In this way, my happiness will be maximized when I achieve my ultimate goal in life.


Lee Seoyoung

Department of Media and Communication 19

I am a social butterfly, and thus find myself full of happiness when I meet many people. I can’t measure the excessive amount of excitement that I feel through communication and interaction with my friends. I also feel particularly alive when I participate in energetic activities like sports. Playing basketball and soccer are hobbies of mine from time to time which give me breathtaking experiences that all turn out to be personally enjoyable. From earning records as a team to escalating competition, moving around captivates me in a whole new environment where I can solely indulge in a single activity. The motivation I get from enthusiasm and teamwork is unimaginable and quite pleasant. However, I am refraining myself from going out since the pandemic so I haven’t been enjoying the pastimes mentioned above. These days I’ve been in the house binge-watching Netflix instead of directly greeting people. I have found this experience rather satisfying and so I guess, it is my biggest source of happiness for now.


Kang Yeji

Department of German Language and Literature 19

I feel happy when I am acknowledged by someone for my achievements. Being complimented gives me the sensation of having done an extremely pivotal role in something and constantly motivates me to do better in the future. Last semester, I was part of a team project which I was awarded a prize for at a contest exhibit. This was a pleasant experience that still exhilarates me to this day. The thought of it seeps into my mind when I lie in bed after a hard day and helps me end my day with satisfaction. Apart from winning an award, I usually feel great enjoyment about the most minor things that happen in an everyday routine. Not having to wait to enter a popular restaurant that is usually packed with people or coincidentally finding my favorite drink on sale at the convenient store are all events that many people consider insignificant. Such incidents however, I think are special because they can only happen on lucky days and are what make my life full of exciting surprises.


Hwang Jung Hyun

College of Medicine 20

I feel happy the moment just before I hop on a plane. In other words, I think my happiness is directly related to going on trips and adventures in new environments. This however is currently unrealistic due to the pandemic, and I think that such limitations in circumstances are what make the experience particularly more nostalgic and pleasant. Students feel a mixture of anxiety and anticipation before the start of a semester. Both feelings come from the introduction of something new in their lives and this difference makes people feel colorful emotions. In the same sense, I suppose that going on trips also overwhelms travelers with happiness that rest in a pivotal part of the start of something new. I not only have pictures of the tourist sites of my destinations, but also an endless array of images featuring clouds. The pictures reflect my excitement before the start of a new journey which is a moment that never fails to satisfy me.

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