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Veganism Is Closer to You than You Think
Hur Lynne  |  lynne7328@hanyang.ac.kr
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[349호] 승인 2021.03.02  
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Vegan is commonly known as the term for the strictest form of a vegetarian, who does not eat any kind of food derived from animals: not even eggs or milk. It is not difficult to come across a vegan who thoroughly checks the nutrition facts label of the snack they are considering to purchase. The perception of veganism being very strict and picky deterred people to determine to go vegan for oneself. In fact, vegan is not so alienated from everyday life. Veganism is not only confined to diet: it can also be a lifestylewhich avoids using products that have engaged animals in the manufacturing process. Also, you do not have to be a perfect vegan in order to take part in vegan activities. Even though small vegan actions could seem trivial, it definitely causes positive effects to the environment. So, why not give it a try on gradually experiencing a vegan life?

Plant: A Vegan Restaurant

If you struggle to have a vegan dish at home due to a number of preexisting basic ingredients which derived from an animal, simply try visiting a vegan restaurant Plant. It would be a common mistake to think that Plant would only serve dishes full of leaves of all kinds. But unexpectedly, there is no difference between food served at Plant and other non-vegetarian restaurants by the looks: it has a whole variety of dishes from salads to burgers. One of the popular menus, the Plant Cheeseburger makes vegans enjoy the juiciness of a patty while conforming to veganism. It is made with a plant veggie patty, cashew-based cheese sauce, and other vegetables that go in a normal hamburger such as lettuce and tomatoes. Plant also has chili cheese fries you can have with the vegan burger. The cheese sauce in the fries is the same as the one in the burger, and the chili is made of yubu and bean chili. If you are not a fan of greasy food, try fettuccine cream pasta. It has a rich cashew based cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and onion toppings. You can easily get friendly with veganism while finding a whole variety of vegan food in Plant.

La Balance: A Vegan Snack

If going to a vegan restaurant is out of reach of your wallet, try an affordable vegan snack La Balance. La Balance tastes like Korean traditional rice cake Injeolmi, and is long-shaped like Cheetos. It is a widely known fact that vegans have to take care to get key nutrients people normally consume in animal products. One of the according nutrients is protein, and La Balance includes vegetable protein which solves this problem right away. You can enjoy La Balance in diverse ways: as a bowl of cereal, as a topping for a cup of yogurt, or as a simple snack. You don’t even have to finish it as long as you open the packaging because it has a zipper on the top so that you can stop eating anytime and zip it for storage. Trying vegan snacks can be a relatively easy step to experience a vegan diet.

Rosy Cheeks by Lush: A Vegan Face Mask

Even though there might be someone who cannot give up eating meat in every meal, there is still a way for you to try a vegan life. You can take part in veganism by purchasing vegan goods. Lush is an English handmade cosmetics company whose products are 100 percent vegetarian and more than 80 percent of them are completely vegan. Rosy Cheeks is a fresh face mask which is made of vegan ingredients. Unlike the commonly used ingredients in cosmetic products such as glycerin and collagen which are extracted from animals, Rosy Cheeks uses vegan ingredients like rose oil, calamine powder and kaolin. Rosy Cheeks helps reduce redness, balances skin tone, softens the skin, and retain moisture.

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