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Listen to the Superheroes: What Superpowers Do You Want to Have?
Jang Yea-won  |  martimoni@hanyang.ac.kr
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[350호] 승인 2021.06.01  
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Lee Se-eun

Department of Mathematics 19

If I could have a supernatural power, I would like to have a teleport ability. The first reason is that it is so exhausting to commute to school. If I could teleport, I would be able to save my commute time. Instead, I could use it for sleeping or other productive activities. In addition, by teleporting, I would be able to freely travel around the world. Taking flights is very tiring. So, if this process were to be gone, I would be very happy going here and there freely. For example, I especially enjoy watching foreign football, so I could stay at home until dawn and teleport to watch it live at the very moment.


Lee Jun-seo

Department of Urban Planning and Engineering 18

I think the biggest reason people take photos and take notes is that they want to regain joy by reminiscing the good moments they miss. I sometimes remember the good times when I get tired, but there is a definite limit to recalling the memories using photos and video clips. So, the supernatural power I want to have is time traveling. There are big and small slumps in our lives. So, if we could time travel to the good moments in our lives when we are worn out and replenish them for a moment and come back to our real lives, we would be able to energetically move on. Only if we acknowledge the fact that we cannot change the past nor go to the future, would we be able to do our best in the present.  


Jeong Ha-hyeon

Department of Business Administration 16

If I could have a supernatural power, I would wish for the ability to read people’s minds. If I could read what others think, I would not need to worry about what I should do and what I should not do. I strongly dislike to see conflicts happen around me. I try to get along with people and avoid conflicts because I don’t like the “awkward moment” when such situations occur. Especially, when people who have just fought pretend to be settled down and get along well with each other, that’s when the awkward atmosphere is formed. But, if I could read what other people think, I could prevent conflicts before they happen.


Kim Su-bi

Department of Policy 20 

I hope I could have a superpower where I would not gain weight even if I eat a lot. Recently I have been on a diet, and it’s so hard to control what I eat. Since there are many delicious foods I want to eat, going on a diet is not so easy. Especially, controlling sweets and flour is hard. Usually, the food that makes people gain weight is delicious and it is such a pity. The clothings I want to wear are slim and short, which is why I want to lose weight. I especially want to wear a pretty bikini and go to the beach, but food is such a disturbance. I really need this supernatural power. There are so many delicious foods and pretty clothes in the world. If I want to have both, I must have the supernatural power that ensures I don’t gain weight when I eat.

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