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Watch Out! Change of Your Body
Kim Min-kyung  |  minkk917@hanyang.ac.kr
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[4호] 승인 2008.12.23  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  Recently, winter is really here. During winter, animals hibernate, save their energy, and have time to recharge. That is, winter is a crucial term so physical changes come to arise to them. Therefore, animals have their own way to live winter. Like this, human beings also undergo physical changes during winter. Then, what are the changes and these reasons?

  As the weather changes, cerebral hypothalamus, playing a role of thermometer in human body and other regulating organs, adjusts to the new climate through a chemical regulating process like re-regulating hormone secretion level. Therefore, in winter when outside temperature goes down comes, various changes arise in human body.

  At first, there is a rumor that during winter, people gain weight more compared to other seasons. It is true. About this, Professor or Department of Family Medicine in Samsung Medical Center, Lee Jung-kwun said, “To keep up the body heat, a basal metabolic amount increases. Accordingly, use of fat which is storage of the amount of heat in human body increases but fat could be increased due to decreased physical activity .”

  Secondly, after people are exposed in a cold temperature for a quite long time they feel a tickle in the warm place. In fact, it is a sort of symptom of frostbite. In particular, people who are sensitive to the change of body temperature and have weak skin are easily attacked by this symptom. About this symptom, Professor Lee advised, “Itching and getting red are sort of symptoms of 1 degree frostbite. When going out in the cold winter, wearing protective accessories like gloves are a must. And people should not scratch an itchy spot or other places, injury of skin may arise.

  Third, stiffness of muscles and joints, and contraction of blood vessels occur. Neglecting these changes, some enjoy winter sports and leisure and sometimes suffer from accidents or wounds. Because there are many dangerous incidents which need to use equipment for winter sports, fitting protective equipment is also crucial parts.

  Moreover, the cold weather in winter affects mental state. About this aspect Professor Lee added, “As it becomes winter, amount of sunlight decreases. That is because melatonin as a nerve transmission matter in brain decreases, melancholia arises because of interrupted biorhythm. Most people suffer from melancholia temporarily even if there is some amount of melatonin. Some of people have a clear symptom of melancholia by a degree with which one cannot live normally.. So there are cases that people should undergo medical treatment.”

  Besides, there are some changes in winter. So it is necessary to know about changed parts and how to adjust to a new environment. Also, existing knowledge about physical changes in winter is scientific. The weather in winter can cause lots of illnesses easily compared to other seasons because the immune system is getting weaker. So, caring about changes of your bodies and protecting them is more important than in any other weather.

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