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HUSE-C, Speech Is the AnswerHYU Speech Education – Cultural Club
By Lee Young-geun  |  paul917@hanyang.ac.kr
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[304호] 승인 2009.03.02  
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 “Having a speech in front of people is not a problem for me anymore. I learned about leadership, confidence, the way to communicate clearly and knowledge through dongari HUSE-C,” said Kim Jang-il, a president of Hanyang University Speech Education – Cultural Club (HUSE-C) and sophomore in the Department of Physical Education.
HUSE-C, a Korean speech dongari at Hanyang University (HYU), was established in 1970 as one of the main clubs on Seoul campus.

Main Activities
  Every Thursday, members of the club gather in a classroom and practice speech. The executives of the club give three topics before Thursday. Topics are about current social problems, personal assertions and so on. Each member gives a five-minute speech on one of these topics in front of all the members. After the speech, seniors give feedback to every speaker.
  HUSE-C interacts with other universities’ speech clubs as well. Every April, the club participates in Inha University Speech Contest. Lee Yoon-Hyeong, a sophomore in the School of Business, who is a silver medal winner of 2008 Inha University Speech Contest mentioned that “The cultural exchange with many speech teams helped me to acquire speech skills. Also, HUSE-C’s effort to enter speech contests makes me so passionate toward my life.”

Welcome to HUSE-C World
  So, did the members of HUSE-C know about speech skills from the beginning or before joining the club? Of course not. “When we joined this club, it was even hard to stand in front of people. Only if you are interested in speech, we would be pleased for you to join us even though you hesitate to speak in front of strangers. We offer you enough speech training through social meetings, so you do not need to worry,” said HUSE-C president Kim.

The Best
  This central dongari is famous for its strong bond between seniors and juniors. Im Wan-soo, who joined the club in 2002 and is a junior in the Division of Materials Science Engineering, said “I have very deep friendship with sophomores and no one can measure our relationship.”
  Moreover, every year, many freshmen strive to enter HUSE-C. The fame of HUSE-C at HYU is because of members from various majors. Diverse majors of the club members give several benefits. “The biggest advantage is that it is easy to make connections with peope in various majors at school,” said Kim Ah-young, a sophomore in the Division of Human Ecology.
  Training speech will lead you to successful life. Therefore, HUSE-C will help you to prepare for bright future. Park Min-jae, a sophomore in School of Business, said, “You should, oops, you must join this wonderful club!”


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