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[304호] 승인 2009.03.02  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

“Without cultural knowledge, you can not write. Without knowledge about humanity, you cannot develop culture. Therefore, cultural anthropology is the basis for studying about many things. It does a roll of Blue Ocean among every studies.  I regard cultural anthropology as a subject that every young student should be required to study for at least one semester..”
Professor Bae Ki-dong, from the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Hanyang University is the editorial board member of the Journal of Human Evolution (JHE). The JHE is one of the most famous international magazines that deal with the topics of archeology, paleoanthropology, human genetics, paleontology, geology, and more.
Professor Bae Ki-dong said, “Korea’s environment for studying archeology is really inferior. Most advanced countries have connections with one another, however, Korea still lacks those connections. In 2002, Hanyang University sent a crew to Africa for an archeological study. This project had fruitful results with excavating some African remains. I believe if this kind of effort continues, Korea’s anthropology will drum up publicity.”
He became the editorial board member of this famous magazine because he had a great passion to raise Korea’s level of involvement in the area of archeology. His long term goal was to raise the eastern Asia’s level of involvement as well. “I am really glad that I am now in a place where I can lead the global flow of cultural anthropology. I am willing to improve many areas in this field, such as Korea’s involvement in studying cultural anthropology. Also, I will try hard to draw up Korea’s level of knowledge in archeology. Furthermore, I am looking forward to drawing up the level of eastern Asia’s archeological involement and knowledge.”
Professor Bae Ki-dong emphasized the need of archeological study among university students. “Anthropology is not only the basis for the study of these sciences, it also lays foundation for the methodology of all studies in this field.
Because the aim of anthropology is to acknowledge and understand the principle of diverse culturals and social phenomenons, it can be useful in all the other areas of study such as pure literature, art, and many other practical studies. Anthropology helps individuals to have a deeper and broader understanding to really see the world. This study gives you a better grounding in all kinds of studies.”
Giving these reasons for the need of anthropology, Professor Bae Ki-dong recommended that students should learn and study this subject in any way they could. “Because, the study of anthropology is very important and helpful, I recommend every student have a chance to learn about anthrpology in any way they can. No matter what way they choose, lecture, book, or any other way, the understanding of anthropology is essential in whatever you are studying.”


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