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[304호] 승인 2009.03.02  
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“I believe you can achieve anything if you have a passionate dream about it and really want to.” Kim Jin-hee said. Kim Jin-hee is a Hanyang University (HYU) graduate who majored in French Language and Culture, and is a reporter for KBS.
Kim Jin-hee started her career at KBS in 1999. She has worked in the economy, culture, and society departments. She has also been an anchor at KBS News Plaza back in 2006. She currently works in the international department for a news program called Global Correspondence World Focus.
Kim Jin-hee stated, “Having a positive attitude is important. From the time I was a hight school student I have really wanted to become a reporter.” 
When she was a student in HYU, she did everything she could do related to media works. She was an intern program director in MBC, an observer in the broadcasting station and an intern magazine reporter. She said, “I gained practical experience through these activities.”
She provided useful advice to HYU students who are preparing to become journalists. “Read the newspaper and monitor television news everyday. Everyday write one essay on a different topic. It is very useful.”
Going back in time to when she was trying to enter into broadcasting, there was an economic crisis in Korea. Because of this, broadcasting stations did not want any new employees. However, this situation did not matter to her. As she said, “When I saw my friends entering into excellent work places, I was not jealous them. I believed and thought that if I try to do my best, there will be an opportunity someday.  Because of this attitude the chance came to me.”
Another thing she said was, “There are only a few people who achieve their dream. A Reporter is something that is worthy to do only if students really have a passion.”
Moreover, she kept referring to the powerful influence reporters have. “I would like to spread a positive effect to all people and I believe that this is the biggest attraction in being a reporter.”
Kim strongly recommended female students become reporters. “If female juniors have ‘courage’ and ‘physical strength’, I want them to try. This is because women and men are equally evaluated in this field and women can obtain the exact same value in relation to work and accomplishments. Reporters get recognition from people and readers do not care whether you are a man or a woman. Of course being a reporter can be very hard. For example, when you need to pick out news sources from a police station, sometimes you might only sleep two or three hours in a day. Therefore, reporter wannabes need strong physical strength.”
She also talked about her goals and dreams, “I am trying to do my best to achieve many goals. My next goal is to become an overseas correspondent. My ultimate dream is to become an honorable, great reporter.” Becoming a reporter meant everything to Kim Jin-hee. She concluded our interview saying, “I am very happy now. I am doing what I have always wanted to do and I feel joy because of this.”

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