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[304호] 승인 2009.03.02  
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  On Dec 23, 2008, Hanyang University’s (HYU) team, Green Lion, won first prize for competing in Greenmaker. Green Lion is composed of five members; Lee Mu-su, the team leader from the Department of Computer Engineering, Kim Yong-hwan from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Won Grace from the Department of Advertising, Kim Yu-ri from the Department of Public Relation, and Jang Hye-young from the Department of Environmental Marine Sciences. All are from HYU’s Ansan Campus.
  Greenmaker is a talented nurturing program that offers a variety of experiences for university students. Greenmaker was founded by the Woongjin Coway Company to provide a chances to participate in an actual project related to the environment and marketing education of university students. In May of 2008, Greenmaker started its first program.
  Greenmaker chose students from 15 different universities using an interview process.
Student teams were processed through the competition by completing four missions. For each missions, every team had to come up with projects. In this project-creating part, the Green Lions of HYU had a different mindset from the other teams. Their ideas invoved using every mission in the competition as a project they would actually face in their future career. The Green Lion team always had their own hidden cards prepared when the most important moment came.
  The first mission was to advertise Greenmaker. Green Lion won first prize in this mission by singing “Happy birthday to you” at 10 different sites in Seoul. The second mission was called “Candle Night.” Fifteen teams made a molding about energy preservation with candles at the N Seoul Tower. The third mission was to hold a donation event. The final mission was to create a webzine and commercial advertisement about the Beijing abroad environment camp that Greenmaker attended over the summer.
  Lee Mu-su, the team leader, recalled the third mission as the most memorable. This mission progressed under a slogan called “Green Hear with World” which was held from Sep 17 to Dec 17. “The third mission was so important because it helped our HYU team to finally win the first prize. This mission progressed with 18 students from three different universities. The name of our team was Green Fly and the members consisted of students from HYU, Seoul Women’s University, and Sungkyunkwan University. We showed astonishing teamwork and Green Fly eventually won first prize and that gave the Green Lions extra points.”
  Lee was chosen as the MVP among the male. “Personally, the MVP more to me than any other prize because it is what the 90 greenmakers gave me. I had a goal when I started Greenmaker. I wanted to make HYU the best. I think that helped me to have a passion in every mission and finally win first prize. I would like to thank the members of Green Lion who kept up the good work.”
  What Lee learned from being a part of Greenmaker was that “Greenmaker is the Key.” He believes that through participating in Greenmaker one can learn lessons, see one’s future, and find a “key” toward unlocking the doors of the world. “I realized my own capabilites through my involvement with Greenmaker. If any HYU students have attachments and passions toward HYU, I assure that he or she can succeed in any activities outside university.”

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