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Five Do Nots in Searching for a Job
By Kate Song  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[304호] 승인 2009.03.02  
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By Kate Song
Ivy League Education Services

We are living in a world of mass information with networks that connect us both locally and internationally. Sometimes an overload of information may confuse us when trying to find the right job that fits our needs. Because individuals have different tastes and perspectives, each individual's opinion of a "good job" are different. In general, the questions most job seekers ask themselves are; “What do I value the most? Do I want a high paying salary? Should I have convenient working hours? Do I work for prestige, merit, or honor? Should I work for a big company or a corporation?” If you, as a jobseeker want to start and build towards a great career goal, you should actually start with my Five Do Nots.

The First Do Not
Do not submit the same job application to different companies. It is very important for you to realize resumes and cover letters are just as important as your “Specs.” Human Resource Managers usually read thousands of applications during the recruiting process. They easily recognize applications that have been used for many companies.  If you are not sure if your job application, resume, CV, or cover letters is good enough, you can always ask your colleagues at Hanyang or the Career Service Center at the university.
There are many services available in Korea that will teach you how to write a good resume or a self-introduction letter and also how to standout at a face to face interview. If you think paying for those services is ridiculous, then you should think about the many other job seekers who are spending a lot of money at private academies or institutions to learn how to be better prepared in all areas at job interviews. 

The Second Do Not
Do not be afraid to fail. If you fail to get a job, you should not worry yourself too much. People learn from their failures and failure is just one process of becoming successful. It is possible that with many failures comes success. For this reason you should apply to as many companies as possible and with every failure you will learn to become better and more experienced. Also, you should keep asking others around you to proofread your job application and any other necessary documents to find mistakes. Give your proofreader details about the job interview so that they can help you improve your job interview skills. After correcting all mistakes, you can apply to more companies, and eventually you will get the job you want. There is no zero percent possibility if you try your best. 
The Third Do Not
Do not be ashamed of your looks. Be confident. Be attractive. Do you think you are ugly? If yes, do not think that way. Once you are ashamed of your looks you will lack the confidence to do well at a job interview. If you have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, then you are not ugly. You are the same as everyone else.
However, to make yourself look more appealing and attractive you should try the following; wear a nice suit or a dress, use cosmetics and perfume accordingly, improve your hairstyle, speak with confidence, and always smile. With these tips you will have a much better chance of being hired. 

The Fourth Do Not
Do not expect too much from your first company. You might start working for a small company or a big corporation. Even though you might have done several internships and you did well in college, many companies are usually not going to pay you a high salary as a fresh new worker who just graduated from college. You are not yet as highly skilled as more experienced workersmight be. It will take time to get accustomed to your work and adapt to the working society. Therefore, you will have to work extra hard in comparison to other more experienced workers at your company which could be tough for you. Do not spend time thinking about the bad aspects of being new, think about building your great career. It is for your own good and benefit. The extra hard work and energy you have put into the company will all be worthwhile in the end. 

The Fifth Do Not
Do not give up. Do you know how many job applicants apply to the 30 biggest companies in Korea every year? It is a huge number because most Koreans think that those big companies are the best in the country. However, there are downsides to working for the big corporate companies. These downsides include such things as working longer hours and having to compete with a large number of fellow employees to get promoted. If you really want to work for big companies but have failed in getting hired, you can always gain more experience and build skills at a small or medium company and work your way up. If you have been hired at the smaller companies, then it is possible that a head hunter of the big companies will recognize and try to recruit you. 
In Korea, there are many small and mid-sized companies that lack employees because most Korean job seekers want to work for bigger brand name companies. The most important thing is to find the job you want that brings you satisfaction and pleasure. So, do not give up finding the job you want. I will give you several useful websites to find further information on this topic. Best luck on your job search and go for it Hanyangians!

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