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Best Color for You
By Lee Young-geun  |  paul917@hanyang.ac.kr
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[5호] 승인 2009.04.06  
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“Do you know the best color for you? Black? White? Red? Blue?”

“What should I wear for a job interview?” “What color will help me make a good first impression on a blind date?” “I have an appointment with one of my company superiors on the weekend, should I wear casual clothes or a formal dress?”
Many people ask these questions. From university students, to children and adults, many people are curious about which colors suit them; about when, where and why.  
To solve many people’s curious questions, this column will show people the answer. The article is mainly about colors for many kinds of people.


Representative Colors
Color is the most important factor to understand style of dressing. Well decorated colors of clothes give self confidence, a good image to other people and help to cover one’s body. There are five representative tones of colors that give people images.
  First, there are monotone colors. Monotone colors include black, white and grey. These colors are called an old history of fashionable colors. Monotone gives a stylish look in any situation or atmosphere. That is why many women who are good at self management prefer monotones.
  Second, there are pastel colors such as pink, cream, mint blue, pastel blue, baby blue, etc. Pastel colors make people look cute and feminine. Also, these colors show a light and sporty look. However, people need to worry that these bright and soft colors might give people a swelling feeling. Therefore, people need to pay attention to what kind of yellow color clothes they wear.
  Next, there are colors of vivid tones from red to orange, yellow, yellowish green and green. Distinctive features of those colors are a clear, flowery feeling with high saturation. Vivid tones go well with casual and pop style fashion because  these are original colors and have a feeling of being footloose and fancy free style.
  There are also deep tones. Deep tones are colors of a dark vivid tone. There are purple, black brown, dark orange and many others. These serious colors give elegance, flowery and deep feelings. If people want to give an active image, people should wear deep tone cloth and for that classic feeling, they should wear dark brown clothes.
Lastly, there are natural tones such as beige, khaki, brown and olive green. These are great colors to present a calm and foreign atmosphere. Also, these match well with comfortable casual clothes and polished suits.

Use the Information

  People can benefit in various ways by acknowledging information about colors. Try using these colors in each situation.
  According to Lim Hyo-jung, a freshmen in the School of Business, “When I met my boy friend for the first time at the university meeting, the scientific fact about colors were very helpful. I wore bright pastel color clothes. And this helped me to look good to my boy friend.”
  Also, according to Kim Bo-young, a professor of International Business in the Department of Business Administration at Hanyang University, “When I select freshmen for Hanyang University, I found out that many students who wore bright colored clothes caught my eye.”
  These people’s interviews demonstrate that wearing many right color clothes is important. Moreover, it will eventually help people to show their effort to their situation and will bring a better result, Knowing what colors match in any given situation will have many positive effects. . Therefore, recognize colors well in many situations for yourself. Then, people who do not know these facts will not make mistakes like wearing bright clothes at a funeral. Always wear the right color clothes in many situations. Good luck!

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