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The 27th GSA of Ansan Campus
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[5호] 승인 2009.04.06  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

On 25 - 26, December 2008, Hanyang University (HYU) at Ansan Campus held a General Student Association (GSA) election. As a result, Hwang Jeong-uk from the Division of Journalism was elected president, and Shin Sung-su from the Division of Science and Technology was elected vice president of HYU at Ansan campus. The Hanyang Journal decided to meet with the 27th President and Vice President.
  The election motto of the 27th GSA was, “Educational problems, for the 9,000 Hanyangians, should be settled by acting reasonably.” Their main platforms were about education and registration fees. Both candidates held a student general meeting at Min-Ju Square on April 1. “Over one-tenth of all Hanyangians at Ansan campus attended this meeting. The GSA votes for schemes regarding registration fees with Hanyang University.,” said Hwang Jeong-uk, President of the GSA.
  Hwang Jeong-uk and Shin Sung-su participated in the last 26th GSA “Power Point”, They had the same viewpoints about issues regarding student welfare and education, so they ran for election together.
“Last years GSA motto was ‘Power Point’, which meant concentrating our power’. This year’s motto was ‘Power Action’, which meant - Action with concentrated power.” Vice President of GSA, Shin Sung-su said. They processed some projects, such as union purchases, student general meetings. They have plans to hold many events about education and issues regarding overall school affairs, “We will work on many programs and activities that will progress the issue of students’ rights.” said Shin.
  Sometimes the GSA activities coincide with their schoolwork and this causes confusion.  However, because of this, they have learned to manage their time more efficiently.
  They need many students’ signatures and frequently give students handouts. “We have had some difficulty with that type of situation, but some students receive the handouts and give their signature before we ask for it and we really appreciate these students.” said Shin.
  Compared to other university GSAs, HYU’s 27th GSA President and Vice President are a little older. This only gives them more experience and makes them more passionate about student affairs than other GSAs might be. “We have many projects which we will do perfectly and our ‘Power action’ GSA will be about action from the students as much as action from us.” said Hwang.

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