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Straight, Gay, or Bi
By Jun Yoomi  |  yoomi326@hanyang.ac.kr
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
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What is your attitude toward gays or lesbians? The history of homosexuals is long. Christianity is still against homosexuals, and during World War I, being a homosexual was against the law. Alan Turing, who was a computer genius and worked under scientists during World War II was found guilty for being a homosexual.
 Today in Connecticut and Massachusetts, USA (United States of America), same-sex marriage is legally allowed. Lindsey Lohan, a famous actress in the USA, confessed that she is a lesbian and in a relationship with a woman.
People think that loving someone of the same sex only applies to minorities. However, would you believe that every person actually has the potential of becoming homosexual or bisexual?

Work of Hormones

The pituitary gland is a part of the brain that controls the hormones in the human body. Estrogen - a female hormone, and testosterone - a male hormone, are well known to the public. Human beings regardless of their gender have both of these hormones. The difference between men and women is the amount of the hormones each have.
Females have more estrogen and males have more testosterone. However, when a female has more testosterone than a normal female and a male has more estrogen than a normal male, they have the potential to become homosexual.
Choi Sook-young, author of the book Chemistry Reaction, counted dopamine, phenylethylamine, and endorphin as the hormones related to love. When a human looks at someone, hormones from his or her body help to create a feeling. The amount of different hormones determines good feelings or bad feelings and it is different for each person. To homosexuals, love hormones are more actively secreted and become biologically excited when they meet someone of their own sex.

Homosexual, Universal Phenomenon
Even though it seems to be a problem with a minority of people, the human nature of being homosexual does appear in childhood. Before a human through the period of adolescence, his or her sex hormone are not yet fully developed, and they become mentally and physically more attached to friends  of the same sex. This behavior is a low version of homosexual. 
In nature, homosexual behavior is a natural condition in the sense that it is extensively found. Homosexual behavior has been observed in bulls, chimpanzees, cows, ducks, cats, dogs, humans, sheep, geese, and etc. Whiptail lizards are all females. According to research by David Crews and Kevin T. Fitzgerald, whiptail lizards reproduce by parthenogenesis, a reproduction of female. They lay eggs and the eggs produce an exact clone of its mother. Even though no males exist, females still exhibit sexual mating behavior. Those that attract a partner have been found to produce more eggs, as well as healthier eggs.
In the book Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, Bruce Bagemihl, a writer, found that in the zoo, at least 5% of Humboldt penguin pairs are gay and homosexuality exists in proven ratios in all mammal species, it is as natural as blue eyes, left-handedness, or the genetic predisposition to walk on two legs.

Minority Report

In Korea, homosexuals are treated as abnormal, or as people with a mental illness. When sexual minorities come-out, they suffer from the glares they receive from the public. Kim, a freshman in HYU (Hanyang University), said, “I am against homosexuality. If I get married and have a son, and he was to confess he was a homosexual, I would never even try to understand that fact and would never forgive him.”
In 2008, Kim Ji-hoo, who was an actor and a model, killed himself after coming-out in Korean society. After his coming out, his contract with his management company was canceled and he suffered from internet replies targeting homosexuals.
According to a report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, written by Alfred Kinsey of Indiana University, about 10 percent of the general population appears to be homosexual. The report states that 37 percent had at least one homosexual experience and nearly 46 percent of the male subjects had reacted sexually to persons of both sexes in the course of their adult lives.
Kinsey himself avoided and disapproved of using terms like homosexual or heterosexual to describe individuals, asserting that sexuality is prone to change over time, and that sexual behavior can be understood both as physical contact as well as purely psychological phenomena such as desire, sexual attraction, or fantasy.

Matter of Love
After the release of the movie King and the Clown, gays became somewhat a closer phenomenon. In movies, such as King and the Clown, No Regrets, or Antique, gays are described as attractive people. Gays in movies in Korea or in other countries appear to be very good-looking and attractive.
“I have always had a fantasy about having a gay friend. After I actually came to know one, I changed my mine and I could not help but avoid him,” said Lee, a sophomore in HYU.
 Being homosexual or even bisexual does not actually mean you are a minority anymore. As the scientific numbers show above, all humans live with possibility of being a homosexual. Before considering whether it is a biological reason or psychological reason that someone is a homosexual, you should realize it is only love that matters in a relationship. If one truly loves someone even though it is someone of the same sex, estrogen or testosterone is beyond the matter.

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