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Hanyang PowerMarketing HYU
By Lee Young-geun  |  paul917@hanyang.ac.kr
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
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Face of HYU

  Dark Blue, Forsythia, Lion, Dove. These are known as the symbols of HYU (Hanyang University). Lim Hyo-jung, a freshman in School of Business, said, “I recognize blue and lion as the symbols of HYU.” However, how many students and people outside of HYU recognize HYU’s representative symbols?
  The University emblem represents the founding philosophy. The Symbol refers to the spirit and ideology that have flowed unceasingly from its foundation. The founding spirit, “Love in Truth and in Deed” at the top, means that its main educational goal is to bring up academicians who set the highest standard of our educational spirit of diligence, honesty, modesty and devotion.
  This year, HYU became 70 years old. The school is trying to change university identity (UI) for 70th anniversary. UI is the main symbol of the school. This is because UI is something that represents school’s face.
Kim Jang-il, a sophomore in the Department of Physical Education, said, “We get to agree with the fact that HYU ranks the 6th in university ranking. That is why we got to strength our color to improve. Also, changing UI is a sensitive problem. Therefore, the school should take this problem seriously and make a perfect UI for our school.”

The Image of HYU

  Jang Jin-wook, a freshman in the Department of Oriental Medicine in Dong-Eui University, described what came across in his mind when he thought about HYU, “When I think about HYU, it makes me think of a   school of engineering, a man’s college, Wangsimni and a lion.”
  As Jang mentioned, many people think of HYU as an engineering school with many male students. The reason for this is that HYU is established with engineering colleges and has produced many men of distinguished talent in technology fields. Also, many of students in these fields are male students.
  However, as mentioned in the story above, the image of school is very important. Having HYU’s image as an engineering school might be very dangerous. As HYU is trying to make a new image as a leading educational institution which turns out a lot of global leaders in various fields, the school needs to reform HYU’s original image.
It is true that HYU is strong in engineering world. However, these days, from the results of current college entrance, many other academic fields such as law, business are beginning to show excellence. Therefore, if HYU keeps the original “engineering” image and does not thrive to change the color with huge effort, HYU’s image will be more solidified. This will be a huge barrier for HYU to develop.

Love for HYU

  Kim Dong-han, Club Association president, said, “If I passed the entrance examination in another university that has better reputation and HYU at once, it is more than 100 percentage that I rather enter the other university than HYU.”
  Like Kim, many students have awkward feeling toward better schools than HYU. This is a serious problem because when many students regret themselves for not going to better school, in the end, it is hard for them to be attached to HYU.
  Im Wan-soo, a junior in the Division of Materials Science Engineering, said, “I strongly believe that HYU is one of the best private universities in Korea. However, it was hard for me to find the reason why I need to love school.”
Love for HYU depends on students. Some might love the school so much and others might not for different reasons. But the fact is that lack of love for the school is the fundamental barrier for the school’s future.
  The school image is made by many people including professors, staff, students and people outside of the school. From all these people, if the students love their school themselves, that will be the best way to improve the school’s reputation and will eventually develop school’s image in a good way. This means that love for the school is the most effective and efficient way to change the school. The school’s image will get stronger with many influential people in the societies who have a sense of pride in their own school.

The Fundamental Problem

  With many interviews, students have said that HYU is a school with enormous potential energy. HYU have great results in national examinations and have turned out many global leaders. However, even though the school could have a better image with this potential and results, the school has failed to use the power of Hanyang in a proper way.
  Students are disappointed with school for this reason. According to “Hanyang Free Board” in the main website of HYU, a user called “Selfish H” wrote that, “I could not understand Admissions’ policies. Students know that graduates from HYU are showing great results in the society. But still the school finds it hard to use the chance. I strongly believe the Admission office first needs to advertise our school more aggressively to high school students.”

HYU Marketing Strategy

  Hong Sung-tai, a marketing professor of School of Business in HYU, provided a realistic solution to HYU’s current situation. He agreed with the image that HYU is a school of engineering and a male college. Professor Hong added that to break down this image or to upgrade this, HYU should be changed.”
  Professor Hong said more about specific strategy. “When people say Korea was re-built, it meant HYU re-built whole Korea. In the old days, Seoul National University was the best school for academic area of engineering and HYU was the best school for practical engineering area. However, HYU began to lose this original power when KAIST, POSTECH and other universities came into the engineering field. In case of other departments, HYU was way behind than other famous schools. To sum up, HYU is now nothing. HYU is not this or not that.” He continued with a real solution. “HYU students need business minds. HYU has every department that a university needs. Now, with prepared departments what HYU needs to do is to bring practical academic atmosphere. When students from various departments go into the society with business minds, they will be able to succeed.”
  According to professor Hong, bringing practical academic atmosphere in the school will be a marketing strategy to overcome and upgrade current image. Moreover, he mentioned that HYU needed to have HYU’s specific color to improve the image.

The Best University

  School and students have to make an effort. First, school needs to change the old engineering image of HYU into more practical image of every study by teaching business minds to students. Moreover, students need to have pride in their own school.
  If all try everything to achieve the best, someday HYU will shine. To become the best private university in Korea and to have reputation as a high-class school, HYU will use all ability they have. Someday, HYU will be the symbol of a school that have produced many global leaders and become one of the most famous private universities in the world.

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