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A Festival that Everyone Can EnjoyJang Keun-suk, a Chief of Festival Management
By Shin Gi-won  |  giwon89@hanyang.ac.kr
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
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Jang Keun-suk, who is the well known male actor and known for a Hanyangian, is the chief of the school festival management team of the year 2009. It is very unusual because most actors or celebrities do not get involved with school activities often. Jang says that he would like to differentiate the festival of the Hanyang University from other schools’ festival.

Getting Involved with the Project

 Q. What was your motive for being in charge of this project?
 A. Well, to start with, I have already known the president of the GSA Lee Dong-hoon, and the ex-president of the year 2006 Shin Jae-woong. Lee suggested me to manage a fun remarkable festival by planning it well systematically. It is sorry that, before, Daedongje was a popular school festival that people wanted to join, but the fun and popularity that our fathers had is gone. I want to make this festival an event that students join voluntarily.
 Q. Is it not rare for a celebrity to be in charge of a school event?
 A. Yes, it is. Actually I think I am the first person. I have not heard of any of my actor-friends or singers who have done this before.
 Q. Was it not hard to be a part of this project because you are a celebrity?
 A. Well, actually since the second week of March, nobody cares about me.
 Q. Many students are curious if you are really working together in a team, or if school use your popularity for publicity of this festival?
 A. In the beginning, I was a kind of spokesperson of the festival to get publicity, it is true. The important thing here is something makes a difference. Before, there were only five to ten members. This year however, we have 80 participants, and as time passed by I find myself getting more and more into this project. I do not attend the meetings every time but I make a plan with the main heads of the teams almost every day on the messenger.

The Festival and the Management Team

 Q. What has the management team done lately?
 A. Mainly two things. First we made a guide-book that describes what kinds of events we have during the festival and where they will be held in. We are planning to hand them out to other universities and upload them on-line too. The next thing is to open a pub. It will be managed by Shin Jae-woong, Ha Seok-jin and me. We are going to donate a certain amount of the income, and we are willing to give the students who bring a copy of the donation form they give blood discount.
 Q. Tell us more about the pub.
 A. We are going to open it at Hangwon Park located in front of school of business towards the Hanyang Women’s College. We will have a big opening and we are planning to make the pub more like a lounge. We are going to sell drinks that are made by ourselves. They are not going to be anything like Soju. They will be drinks that taste good. We are going to make salads and other simple food. We planned to do this because we do not think there are many things that are held for female students to have fun. Guys would eat kimchijjigae and drink soju and have fun, but it is different for the girls. It is going to be a place where you can have a light drink and go. We are also going to put a disc jockey mixer and I am going to call my friends who work as disc jockeys that will put on some good music.
 Q. Many students are fed up with the school festival. How do you feel?
 A. I totally understand. Think about it. Calling singers, celebrities for performance, and drinking, is that a real festival? I think a festival should be an event that everyone can enjoy. A festival is for people to join voluntarily and have real fun. Just getting drunk and wondering around is different with having fun. 

Differentiating the Festival

 Q. We heard that the GSA is going to differentiate our school festival with the other ones. How?
 A. We are going to try to think out of the box and try to achieve something more than a school festival, making the festival more like an amusement park, where you feel like you are on a magic island that makes you feel fantastic.
 Q. Tell us more about how you think about bringing in celebrities to the festival.
 A. To start with the payment that the school is willing to pay and the payment that the celebrities want are very different. So we had to take a vote among our members and match them with the celebrities that could come.

Jang after the Festival
 Q. What are you planning to do after the project?
 A. This semester I am taking 23 credits including HELP. My goal is to listen to all classes and pass them since I think I am too late to dream for a scholarship. After that, I have to work with the new movie we star next week. Hopefully I have no schedule when we have meetings.
 Q. What would you like to tell the sophomores about the festival?
 A. Let us have fun. Have fun not only among ourselves but also with students from other schools. I hope we can make Hanyang University into a school that people want to come. Let us have fun by doing good things like the blood donation. Invite many of your friends!



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