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The Story of Four Students’ Energetic ChallengeGolden Prize at the 30th Cheil Worldwide Ad Award
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Four Students in the Division of Advertising – Kim Hee-sung, Mo Eun-ki, Kim Hye-lim, Lee Il-ryun - won the gold prize at the 30th Cheil Worldwide Ad Awards.
  Cheil Worldwide, one of the biggest Ad agencies of Korea, holds Ad awards every year. A total of 2,122 works from about 6,200 students is shown from January to April, 2009.
  The beginning of their challenge was the team project of their advertising class. Mo Eun-ki said, “The professor always made progress the curriculum that we had to make Ad presentations and report ourselves. One day, he let us make an Ad presentation about the insurance company. During the preparation, we were very excited and worked well as a team. Taking this opportunity, we decided to take part in the Cheil worldwide Ad. “
  Four students’ challenge was very tough but exciting. Kim Hye-lim said, “The contest was like a ‘long adventure’. We had three stages to get the prize. The first stage was submitting the Ad powerpoint document and the report until the end of January. When we got the news that our documents had been passed, we should prepare the second presentation stage that was held on the beginning February. And then, we went into the final stage that explained our Ad plan to Cheil worldwide executives. The final result that we got the golden prize published April 1st.  I remember that waiting for the final result was the extremely nervous during four months of joining competition.”
  They made an Ad report about Samsung notebook computer Sens. The mission of this competition was making impression to customer “Sens is the soul device of my life.” To design the report, they were distressed to think ideas. Lee Il-ryun said, “One of the difficulties we had was drying up of idea. If we had had no idea to make progress the project, we might have spent many weeks to find the best idea. In other case, we had to change most contents of report if we got the better idea.” However, they believed themselves. Mo Eun-ki said, “All of members didn’t have any conflict. We talked with each other just critically, did not think ‘You have a wrong answer.’ We respected each other.” Also, Lee Il-ryun mentioned about their perfect roles. He said, ”Kim Hye-lim made a powerpoint document, Mo Eun-ki managed videos and pictures which we used in the project, I made an effort to think creative of Ad, and Kim Hee-sung made a general comments of project because he had very realistic mind of the project. I think The perfect role of our team was the motive to get the prize.” At the end of long meeting for the idea, members made their project’s slogan “Ware is my soul” which includes not only physical space but also psychological space. 
  Asking about their future, all four member answered they want to get a job for advertisement. Kim Hye-lim wants to be an Account Executive (AE)-people deciding concepts of the advertisement or persuading advertisers - but other students of the team still anguish between Account Executive (AE) and Creative Director (CD) - people making the copyrights or producing TV commercial which will be seen by market consumers.
  All four members said, “We are very proud of Division of advertising because we can receive stimulation to our division’s seniors who already got the prize at other Ad competitions. General mood for challenging is the merit of our division.”
  They started the new Ad project. They had a meeting for the new project on the interview day. Their walking to go for their project meeting spoke for their powerful challenge.
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