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Keep a Telescope and MicroscopeJeon Sang-gil, a Professor of the Lecture “Condition of Giant Global Enterprise”
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
“I want students to have a microscope and telescope in their pockets,” said Jeon Sang-gil, professor of HYU (Hanyang University) school of Economics and Business. He has held lecture entitled “Condition of giant global enterprise.” It is famous for CEO (Chief Executive Officer) invitation lecture. CEOs of global companies give a lecture for students such as Lee Ju-Won vice president of LG Micron, Sim Hyung-rae president of Younggu art, Yoon Seok-Man president of POSCO and so on. “Condition of giant global enterprise” is also one of the most famous lectures for Hanyangian.
  There are three main purpose of holding this lecture. The first realistic purpose is to inspire pride in students of College of Economics and Business Administration. HYU Ansan campus students have a sense of inferiority. “I want to give them pride of HYU Ansan campus,” said professor Jeon. Second realistic purpose is to improve the quality of employment of students. Actually, one student was employed specially at Walkerhill hotel.
  The third fundamental purpose is to get a vision. “I think that students who can provide labor force work in the whole world. For this they must have language capacity and expert knowledge. But these two abilities can get with the times. The important thing is get a great vision, however recently students forget it and live their lives. So, I planned ‘Condition of giant global enterprise’ lecture.” said professor Jeon.
  It took a great deal of time to invite CEOs. Professor Jeon has prepared the invitation for lecture before three, four months. He sent an invitation to CEOs. A bunch of flowers, a souvenir and a letter of thanks were given after lecture. Since his efforts, most CEOs did not refuse to lecture. However, CEOs are doing business across the nation. Their schedules are always changed. “I feel anxious a day before the lecture.” said professor Jeon. But this lecture is not simple lecture but festival. More than 400 students include graduates, researchers and fellow citizens attend this lecture. Hanyangian can learn from a CEO, CEOs also gain many things. It is important to make these virtuous cycle.
  He is disappointed with discourteous students. A CEO who participated in lecture was inquired to students, who are lack of a dialog skill, a thought method, consideration. That time, he was unbearable. He thinks teens and 20s people do not have enough building character education and university must teach this part. “CEOs think courtesy is the most important. It will affect employment. Courtesy means consideration that lowers myself and holds others in reverence. Then others feel a sense of obligation. In economics, courtesy is a kind of high-level strategy.” said professor Jeon.
  Students who want to be a CEO must have global capacity and expert knowledge. “The expert knowledge that I think is the capacity that answers the question before the question falls to the floor. And the ability to answer to more than three ‘why’,” he said.
  Above all, the most important qualification of being a CEO is having an ideal and a passion. “Keep always a microscope and a telescope in your pocket,” he said. The microscope means a passion and the telescope means an ideal. “I think relatively HYU students lack the challenges. They need ‘first move strategy’ than ‘me too strategy’. So, the ideal and the passion move together.”
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