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Designing Is Like Meeting Someone NewNew Assistant Professor at the College of Designs, No Sung-kwan
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
"Designing process is like dating someone new." said Professor No Sung-Kwan. "The designer must connect with the person who appreciates the work. You need to consider about what the person likes or dislikes at every moment in various situations."
  Professor No is the new professor at the College of Designs in Hanyang University. He said he was interested in images of moving pictures when he was a child, which led him to the road of designs. He actually majored in psychology at Yonsei University when he was in Korea. "I had to give up arts in highschool, so I chose psychology instead, which was the closest subject to arts in my opinion. When I look back, I think it became the ground work of what I have achieved so far.” he said.
  He started studying animations in America. "It was coincidence." He said. "I was a member of a group called 'Mac Da Mo' where I could learn the Mac paint and original hyper card which were the origin programs of Interface designs. My friend was getting ready to study abroad at the time. As I was helping him, I tried applying myself with an animation portfolio. And that is how it all started.”
  He wanted to warn the students who are not planning what they need to do when leaving Korea. He also wanted to warn them about language issues, which can be a big problem when the student could not speak out for himself. Prof. No learned various majors in different schools when he was studying abroad. "I studied commercial animations at the SVA (School of Visual Arts) at first, but then I wanted to study media language so I enrolled at the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) where I experienced something new such as Time arts when learning film animations. Then I went to CalArts. The reason I chose CalArts as graduate school was because of Professor Jules Engle, who I learned so many things from.”
  He says he tries to follow the path of Prof. Jules when it comes to teaching students. "Professor Jules once said  'Teaching was not showing what you knew but pointing out what the students have achieved and urging them for improvement.'" said Prof No. And also he said “More unfinished the work is, the more the students can learn from. If you cling on to a master piece, you would only copy it and never try out new things. I would really like to tell young designers how important it is to show what they hide in their minds."
  Hanyang University is not the first place where he is giving a lecture, he has been teaching for quite some time now. He has his own principals when it comes to it. "I try to show how to think better rather than showing something good. For example, I show different types of animation and then make them write reports about why the work was good or bad. I believe the ‘process’ of getting to the top of the mountain is much more important than the ‘view’ from the top."
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