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Specialize Yourself, Believe in Your PotentialsHong Sung-tai, a Professor in Marketing at the School of Business
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
  “I believe we need differentiation points for Hanyang School of Business in order to have specialty in globalization,” professor Hong Sung-tai said. Hong Sung-tai is a HYU (Hanyang University) professor in marketing at the School of Business.
  Professor Hong has taught at HYU since 1990, majoring in marketing and consumer behaviors. In 1981, he taught at Yeungnam University with his master’s degree for a year, but he then decided to go abroad to study more. “My goal was not simply to be a university professor. At the time I decided to study abroad, I liked to study Business as the field of study itself,” Professor Hong said. After taking a doctorate from University of Illinois, he started teaching at University of Missouri-Columbia. He came back to HYU in 1990 and has taught since then. Professor Hong said “When I heard there was an opening at HYU, I decided to come back because I believed it would be a great honor to teach at the school I graduated.”
  His goal when he was a university student was to get a teaching job because he found himself enjoying teaching and informing his knowledge to others. Although he majored in Business Administration, he also had a great interest in psychology. Therefore, he developed his study specialized in marketing related with psychology. “When you make a goal in your life, you should look for what you are good at and what you are interested in. Do not be a passive person who is pressed for trend or other people’s points of view. In the past, it was common to generalize one’s goal and job, but today, we do not want generalized people anymore. A successful person in a modern society is a competent person who is specialized in what he or she is good at,” professor Hong said about a desirable goal-setting method for university students.
  He added, “I call myself a late bloomer, but a late bloomer does not mean an idler. I think many students have potentials to be succeeded. When they acknowledge their potentials and work hard to achieve their own goals, they will find themselves late bloomed for sure. But be careful that you will not bloom if you believe in late blooming and not try your best. Do not judge yourself as a person with no potential based on what you physically see right now. Everyone has his or her own potential in specialized fields, and how hard you strive is what matters to become a bloomer.”
  Professor Hong Sung-tai, in conclusion, added some comments on HYU School of Business as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. He said, “HYU School of Business has great faculties. They not only have great academic backgrounds, but also invest a large amount of time in teaching and research so that students could have great environment to receive high-quality education. However, we are still lack of globalization. Students need to improve their foreign language skills, especially in English, and the School of Business should find differentiation points to become competent in global era. HYU also lacks in academic support in practical areas like internship, academic-industrial cooperation and so on. I hope the school would create its own uniqueness by specialization and the integration with other fields of study.”
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