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“Three Stories from One Psychiatrist”Nam Jung-hyun, a Director of the HYU Hospital
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Nam Jung-Hyun, director of HYU, received an appreciation plaque for taking a director of SeongDong mental health care center on April 17th, 2009 and an honor YangPyeong identity card for taking a director of YangPyeong mental health care center Oct 5th, 2008.

Balance Between Working and Rest
  He chose his specialty because it is run by advance reservation so that he could do both of working and having spare time. He recommended, “Concentrate on working during week days. On weekend, have some spare time to empty your head. Go back to work on Monday. If you do so, there is nothing you can not do.”
  He said “For university students, exercise is a good hobby. I do not think that work out alone is ideal. Even when you walk, do it together with your family or friends.” For him, providing free medical service is one of his best way to release stress. “It has been ten years since I started free medical service at Yangpyeong. It is my pleasure to chat with them. They are simple and honest. Also, we know well each other so I feel comfortable with them.”
  As a psychiatrist, he stressed preventive medicine and social welfare. “First of all, it is hard to recover from mental disease. Second, once mental disease is occurred, they hardly go back to society. Third, constant support in ordinary life of poor people is essential for their health. These are why I participate in public health system. It is a misfortune to have a mental disease not only for him, but also for society. It is a huge loss.”

Responsibility to Develop Hospital
  However, not every intention is service for society. As director of Hanyang University Hospital, he has a plan to develop it. The first step to be a major hospital in Korea is to become a leading model in local society. “We offer cheap medical service compared to others. Though, a local resident consider us most expensive hospital. Because Seong Dong-gu has low standard of living. We try to get closer to them by volunteering.”
  He felt strong responsibility for his place in hospital. The most concerning matter was how to develop it. He said, “Medical service needs huge investment to advance. But, raising funds for facility is difficult. Moreover, after collapse of SungSoo Bridge, VIPs from GangNam have disappeared. It became hard to make profit.”
  But he was open minded person. He accepts change easily if it is needed. “It is late to advance after environment changed. SeongDong-gu will be redeveloped. We assume that new group of wealth class will be reserved. We have to reform before ahead to offer higher quality of service to grab them.”

Act with a Long Term Goal 
 “What I want to ask the students of HYU is, do you have a goal?” After we talked about his life, he commented about student’s life. He said, “One day, I was surprised that students of medical department have not visited foreign hospital to look around during their travel. If they had an objective in their life, they should have visited there.”
He added, “I know it is hard to find out the goal. And in many cases, parents do not wait for their children’s decision. However, they should try to set up the goal in the long term by themselves. Ultimately, they can achieve a confidence.”
  He also talked about being an independent person. “On the street, all the clothing is similar. In other advanced countries, it is different for their characteristic. University students are just following others. They do everything in the same way. I watched most of all Korean university student backpackers are following their leader.” He considered all these things happen since they did not give a deep thought to their life goal, reason of journey, and their own way of rest.”
 He emphasized that deep thinking is a very good way to set up the goal. He said, “For example, when you read a book, the important point is to catch what the author wanted to say exactly. Sadly, Korean people just focus on showing they did read it.”
 When he thought about “preference phenomenon to DEET (Dental Education Eligibility Test), MEET (Medical Education Eligibility Test)”, he also mentioned about their aim. “The basic purpose of medical school is to influx people who have diverse background knowledge for various field of medicine. However, most applicants want to go to clinics. It’s meaningless. They should aware of their own goal. If it is money, doctor is not appropriate choice. In advanced countries, a doctor is not high-income-bracket. What a big loss it is considering their effort and time.”
  Last but not least, he insisted after setting a goal, and especially if it’s undeveloped field, we need three things. First, display nerve. Second, carve out. Third, be consistent. Especially, he underlined third one. “A man has to have principal rule. Once you set it up, never change it. As times go by, people around him would finally understand him. That will help him to concentrate his important work. Otherwise, if he tries to change himself a lot, people can be confused that can not trust him.”

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