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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
  “Students who dream of being a politician need not only a passion but also specialized abilities and skills.” Member of the National Assembly, Na Seong-lin strongly urged students to improve their skills and have some expertise in a particular field. “Entering the National Assembly without specialty and professionalism, he/she would become a politician of a sort”.
  Rep, Na Seong-lin is professor-politician. He taught Science Finance at HYU (Hanyang University) and now he is an economic policy specialist in GNP (Grand National Party). “As an economic policy specialist, I make efforts to draft economy laws such as tax cuts, deregulation and government privatization plans for the utility companies”. He also tries to make opposite parties, the media and of course the nation understand the party’s economic policies.
“A competent president is someone who is not only political but also highly conscious about economy. In this respect and concerning our country’s current economic situation, I support ‘Economy President’.” Rep, Na Seong-lin added that economic problems cannot be solved with economic aspects alone. As there are incessant ideological disputes, Korea needs a leader who can compromise controversies and bring the opposite sides together. ”I do not see democracy in Korea as bad as all that. Comparing today to past, democracy has greatly improved. Even though the money politics has disappeared, terrorism politics remains. That worries me”.
  “Read many books as you can, because once you graduate from university you do not have much time to read.” Na Seong-lin strongly urged Hanyangians to read numerous books and also study their major hard. “Students ought to speak English well like the native language. They should not think of English as a second language.”
“Even though the world is becoming closer to one another and the age of limitless competition is hard, many students are still against the FTA. It is not right to think that way.” He also said, “In globalization, students have to seek their career not just in Korea but also in the world.” Rep, Na recommended students to jump in to the world market and compete with other countries. “As Korea is short of natural resources, we should consider the world’s resource as ours and try to develop and use. “
  Rep. Na emphasized that the leader should possess clear vision of the course of direction that a country should take and firm belief on that. He added, “To accomplish that, you need to have the ability to process your plan and vision. Beside intellectual ability, healthy mind and body is important. If you lack physical strength, you will have difficulty concentrating and you will lose the drive.”
  Last year, on his first term, Rep, Na Seong-lin drafted various economic laws and four of them had actually passed. Throughout the legislation, he was able to help victimized and poor people and relief the burden of companies.
  “As now, I do want to come back to HYU as a professor. But, since being a politician is more direct way to achieve my life goal which is making our country stronger, I am still thinking… Professor? or Politician?”
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