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Build Body, Prevent IllnessesNa Woong-chil, Sports Rehabilitation Guru in Korea
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[6호] 승인 2009.05.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
“Rehabilitation through sport is enjoyable and worthwhile,” said Na Woong-chil, who is professor at HYU and an initiator of sports rehabilitation in Korea. With his one year experience in Germany learning about health clinics as a momentum, he introduced treatment methods to Korea. Compared to health treatment systems during 90s in Korea, Germany was a developed nation with outstanding sport facilities and sport treatments.
  One of the most difficult things that Professor Na. faced from initiating sports rehabilitation was changing people’s recognition, which personal training might be unnecessary. However, he tried to alter people’s recognition about personal training by educating that preventing illnesses could be possible. Professor Na. added that the cause of illnesses was all related to muscles. “If muscle is healthy, the rest of the body will be too,” said Professor Na. Moreover, he introduced taping method in Korea. Taping body parts makes muscles less tired for sports players who need to move a lot. Also, taping method helps the circulation of blood in daily life.
  Professor Na. was the national soccer team trainer of Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and of Worldcup in 1994. He found the weak body parts of each soccer players and trained them before a soccer match. As a result, soccer players were able to prevent the possible injury during the game.
  “Now the new era of pursuing happiness is coming. Nowadays, people are frustrated and stressed about making a living. Ironically, famous and rich people commit suicide. Therefore, the theme that I am currently interested is how to endure stress,” said Professor Na. This theme is to prevent the sicknesses caused by stress and make the body stronger to overcome the stress.
  “Education on managing one’s habits and lifestyles is the most imperative to students. Often people feel health care as insignificant; however, it is the only way to prevent illnesses,” signified Professor Na. Moreover, he illustrated that the Hanyang University should develop a new system which can provide health care systems, such as building a gymnasium, for professors and students. Professor Na. mentioned that one of the top ranking universities in the world, the Harvard University, provides health care systems for professors and students associated with the medical college and college of physical education. The professors of those universities are able to take a physical examination by periods. These health systems are compulsory to the development of Hanyang University.
  “The prospect of the field of sports rehabilitation is encouraging. There are still numerous areas to be carved out on the field of sports rehabilitation. If you are interested in this field of study, study hard. It will be meaningful and worthwhile,” said professor Na.
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