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A Woman Who Revived Queen SUN DEOK■ Choi Jong-mee, MBC Producer of Musical Queen SUN DEOK ■
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[307호] 승인 2010.03.02  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

   The Historical soap opera Queen SUN DEOK, which was broadcasted by Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), ended on December 2009. Two weeks after the soap opera ended, another version of Queen SUN DEOK was born: it was newly adapted in the musical stage as Queen SUN DEOK: The musical . The musical was successed in gaining viewers' interest like the soap opera. For the four weeks that the musical was performed, 30 thousand spectators attended the performance, which exceeded its break-even point by earning over 2 billion won.
In the middle of the Queen SUN DEOK: The Musical's  great popularity, there was a woman producer who conducted the musical. She is Choi Jong-mee, the Hanyangian who graduated from the School of Fine Arts.
She produced the musical SUN DEOK to portray "The most advanced technology modern musical." In keeping with this slogan, the musical incorporated high-tech LED TVs for producing Chumsungdae, and Designer Lee Sang-bong designed modern costumes, even though the musical SUN DEOK is historical musical. "Our team wants to show viewers that Koreans have a pride on the history. Also, we used modern but classic costumes for fun and fresh scenes. In fact, men who watch a musical normally nod off in the middle of the performance, but people say men spectators did not sleep and have great fun in watching our musical due to various technologies and attractive installation. I am really satisfied when spectators feel their "fun" from our musical,"Choi said.
   She always pursues fun entertainment when she produces her art. In other words, the musical is an interesting work for her. "Musicals should be interesting. Nowadays, audiences are the top level of watching musicals. To satisfy their needs, I think the level of fun determines the quality of the musical." When asked what influenced her notion of musical, she answered,  "I wanted to be an actress in my university life. So I majored in Theater & Film, and I always watched performances or movies on my own time. After working for MBC, I almost invested my time to watching various types of shows. The sensitivity and my thinking were grown in my university life, and watching various shows' performances assist to grow my ability of producing musicals."

   When asked about her her next musical production, Choi Jong-mee mentioned ?ne source long run.?She added the reason, "My plan is to remake a musical content using another historical drama. Using historical source, I hope to deliver a messages of the pride of Korea, and feel sympathy as a musical with spectators about Korea's interesting history. In other words, I want the historical source could be long run to public as musical performance."

   What will be her next musical? Even Queen SUN DEOK does not know. Choi's creative for real fun is hers alone.

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