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Presenting New Idea of Online Electric Automobile■ Default Team Won Second Prize in the Competition ■
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[307호] 승인 2010.03.02  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

   On Dec. 22, four students of Hanyang University won gold prize in the Competition for Online Electric Automobile Idea with Korean University Students held by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Four students, who are Kim Yong-min, Choi Jong-won and Yoo won-suk, juniors of Department of Electronic System Engineering, and Kim Dong-hyung, a freshman of Department of Mechanic Engineering, made a team named Default and won second prize. They provide new idea of electric automobile.

   While other teams focused on internal factors of electric automobile; how the automobile is made up, they focused on the system of managing electric automobile. Choi Jong-won, a member of Default team said, "Online electric automobile cannot be practiced with a formula for it. To practice online electric automobile, there has to be infrastructure. So we designed electronic tracks that supplies electricity to online electric automobile. I think professors appreciated our new approach."

   Kim said that they were inspired by seminar that held by Hanyang University and each other. He said, "When we first formulated the idea, we were focused on internal factors like other teams. However, a seminar I took came into my head. In that seminar, I learned importance of infrastructure. Also, we used radio frequency identification to system of online electric automobile, which is one of my lab projects." He also said that "Those ideas were inspired by the productive discussion between team members." Kim Yong-min, the leader of Default team, said, "Generally, the hardest thing in team working is disagreement of each member's opinion. However, we all belong to a Club Default, which is a club in College of Engineering Science. Basically, We met for sharing each other's interests, which are mostly same, so we have had same view point of it. We have same interests and listened to each other carefully. So there was no difficulty in team work."

   They think that the most important thing in university life is meeting various people and experiencing something new. Yoo said, "Of course studying and learning expertise is important, but I think practical experience is important too. Joining contest related with a student's major can be a chance to apply contents which is covered in class for practicing. This is why I joined this competition, and I satisfied with what I had done."
As a senior of students who are preparing contests or studying engineering, Kim emphasized the importance of challenge and experience. Kim said, "Student who the society needs is not a student who are taught passively by professors. The society needs students who are active and developing himself by himself. Joining various contests can make students become talented person who the society needs. Although you think you do not have any talent, if you have passion to it, you can join the contest. Do not throw away your chance to realize your passion."

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