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HAOILU are out on Strike
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[308호] 승인 2010.04.01  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
   On May 26, the Hanyang University Assistant Officer's Labor Union (HAOILU) was out on strike. HAOILU, which consists of 67 female officers of Hanyang University (HYU), demands that HYU treat them without discrimination. 67 female officers insist that they had been discriminated agianst by other officers who were not primarily hired as teaching assistants.  In 2003, although the school administration promoted the members of HAOILU's positions of HAOILU's members from teaching assistant to regular workers, it did not raise their payment and give them opportunities to promote to higher position. HAOILU members' payments are only 65 percent of other workers. They are differentiated from other workers in that HAOILU members' required retirement age is 50 years old, eight years before other workers.
   In 2007, 67 female officers who were first hired as teaching assistants organized into HAOILU. HAOILU has been claiming their welfare benefits. The first negotiation with the school administration was held on Octber 13, 2009. However, the negotiations between the school administration and HAOILU was broken up in March 26, 2010 because of the school administration. So HAOILU asked the National Labor Relationions Commission, the sub-organization of the Ministry of Labor which stabilizes the labor-management relationship, to mediate the dispute. However, the representative from the school administration did not participate in the meeting, which was the key reason for breaking down. Kim Mie-ock, the president of HAOILU said, "We merely demand our primary rights. I am angry that the school administration refused our demands at three negotiations. It means that they have no notion of accepting our demands." The school administration did not take HAOILU's request, saying that because the members of HAOILU are teaching assistants, they get as much as the irregular assistants get. Moreover, the school administration said that since they are paid only 65 percent of other workers, they can do work that worth 65 percent of reqular workers.
   Among the members of HAOILU, there are workers who have been working in HYU for 10 years upto even 19 years, and 60 percent of them are HYU graduates. "I thought of HYU as my family so I first anonymously asked National Labor Relationions Commission to mediate the dispute between HAOILU and the school administration," said Kim. Also Kim pointed out that the school does not take HAOILU's requests seriously because they are all women. Bea Sung-im, the vice-president of HAOILU, said, "The average age of the members is 37.5. As a woman, we have a lot of houseworks. We are having walkout in spite of these difficulties because I became doubtful about my work place where I have worked with responsibility. We are given the same duties with other workers. Then why does the school administration discriminate against us?" HAOILU plans to keep having a walkout until the school administration responds to their request and correct the situation. Kim explained their plans, saying, "We are not demanding radical revolution. We just want the school administration to communicate with us. By the school administration having a close look at our requests, HYU could reach acompromise."
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