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Pursue What You Desire- Won You-jip, Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Chung Jae-eun  |  maron0409@hanyang.ac.kr
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[319호] 승인 2013.09.30  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
On June 28, Professor Won You-jip and four members of Embedded Software Systems Laboratory won the Best Paper Award in the USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2013, which was held in San Jose, California. The title of his research paper is Input/Output Stack Optimization for Smartphones and it mainly deals with increasing the efficiency of input and output by 300 percent by improving the software, instead of the hardware in smartphones.
“The smartphone, which is nowadays considered a daily necessity, is generally classified as Apple or Android. Although the hardware of Android is superior to that of Apple, the quality of Android’s software is not. On this point, I recognized the room for improvement for the Android Smartphone,” he said. Furthermore, there is still a need for technical optimization of the smartphone which is why he said he will continue to carry out his research on optimizing Android’s software.
Professor Won revealed his regrets that support for software research and invention is difficult to obtain in Korean society. “Software of Silicon Valley is the only field that Korean venture companies invest in. However, the industrial society in Korea does not properly treat those who invest in software. That is, even though the software industry is quite promising, the Korean government does not provide much financial support to them. I hope more Koreans come to appreciate the value of software, the field I have studied enthusiastically for a long time,” he added.
He is planning to keep his work focused on smartphones. In addition to mobile devices, he is becoming more and more interested in conducting research on Cloud Service, a system where users can save their contents on a server and download them from various devices such as smartphones and smartTVs. He said his motivation for wanting to do new research on Cloud Service is that he is interested in Cloud where Smartphone data are actually preserved.
Professor Won has been passionate about his area of expertise, which is the field of computer science, for a long time. He advised Hanyangians to do what they enjoy and said, “Instead of just focusing on making specs, which are requisites for job seeking, do what you really want to do as I did when I was a university student. Whatever your passion may be, direct it towards what you are truly interested in. I can assure that it will be beneficial someday.”
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