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Scream of an Unborn Child4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days A film by Cristian Mungiu
Lee Bong-jun  |  bj35sea@hanyang.ac.kr
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1987, Romania. 
As the subtitles are showing on the screen, the movie starts and gives a hint to the audience about the movie. But the audience does not realize and understand the movie's subject until the middle part if they have no background information about the movie; What is important in the story? What does it make the actor anxious and uneasy? Why does a hotel employee treat them severely? The audience just follows the actress? actions and the movie goes on its own.

The movie shows the observations on survival based on the story that heroine named Gabita tries for the illegal abortion during the era old Soviet Union lost their powerful influences. The college students Otilia and Gabita, who share a dormitory room, reserve at the shed-like hotel in a city for Gabita? abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. They have saved money painfully and on the day of abortion, they meet Mr. Bebe who performs the criminal operation. But, before she undergoes the criminal operation, Gabita lies about when she became pregnant; four months ago, not two months ago.

"After becoming pregnant for four months, the abortion is a murder." Gabita with an anxious look is shocked by illegal abortionist's crucial single word. But, he has no regard for her and sits in silence and looks at her more cruelly. Also, before performing the abortion, he demands having sex with them because they do not have enough money and broke the contract.

In 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, we understand the movie? title for the first time only after watching the movie till the middle. That refers to the young soul? living time during the pregnancy. The heroine Gabita's eyes of uncertainty and her roommate Otilia's help for her abortion which looks a little bit confused, but seems strong and Mr. Bebe's heartless attitudes are matching perfectly with director? intention on the movie. Generally, the camera directs insecurity behind the sight of Otilia and director continuously puts actors into uncomfortable situations. So, he puts us under extreme tension by describing one night which one woman who undergoes a criminal operation and the other woman who helps a pregnant woman.

In the interview with the magazine Cine 2.0, Director Cristian explains the movie with phases of the period in the film's setting. "From 1960's to 1980's, abortion was illegal in Romania. Ceausescu, dictator who reigned continually for 24 years from 1966, enforced a law about prohibiting birth control and abortion to increase population." and he said "Pregnant women had a hard time because of increasing population and underwent operations by illegal abortionists without anesthesia in unsanitary rooms. And also, lots of pregnant women died from blood loss because of botched operations. So, I want to show in this movie the injurious effect upon 'abortion culture'."

And he answers the question, "Why he made no deliberate mention of the movie's time period in the movie?" He says "'1987, Romania' of the first scene's subtitles was sufficient. And I did not want to put up the phases of the period on the film in a whole-sale way in spite of importance in the movie." and he said "The time period is not an essential point of the movie, but just material." Lee Ga-young, an officer of 'Center for Gender Equality' of the Hanyang University, recommends this movie as 'The film of May'. She said "Abortion is not familiar word to men because it is an operation only for women. We have to inform young people today that pregnancy is a valuable thing. And also inform that it is women's privilege to become pregnant, not to men privilege." And she said "The scene in the film, Otilia's boyfriend asks her some questions because she is suffering about Gabita's abortion; 'Why are you looked so uneasy?' Otilia answers 'If I get pregnant, what will you do?' and he said so confusedly 'hmm..are you pregnant? Is that it?' He does not answer about her question. Instead, he said 'I do not think about it, because it has not happened between us'. It is true among youngsters to evade their responsibility which do not overcome their sexual desire. And finally, they have sex. 'One night stand' among youngsters becomes popular as a cultural phenomenon and they seem to neglect on the contraception when they make love. Therefore, we introduced a movie about dealing with importance of life. So, we recommend this movie 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days which won the Golden Palm award at Cannes 2007."

Throughout its running time, the movie develops its story so quietly. And we can think due to the quiet atmosphere of the movie.

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