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Communicating with the World Through Finger DollsPark Eun-song, a Finger Doll Performer
By Hong Ji-wan  |  ibooklang95@hanyang.ac.kr
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[321호] 승인 2014.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 A TV commercial was broadcasted in Mexico, featuring dancing fingers. The middle finger and ring finger acted as legs, the index finger and little finger serve as its arms and its facial features were drawn on the palm to make the hand appear to be a miniature person. The owner of this unique doll ability to make her hand move around like a miniature person is Park Eun-song, a Sophomore in the Department of Culture and Contents at Hanyang University(HYU). This “finger doll” talent has become a part of her identity, so much so, that she will soon have her finger doll performances copyrighted.
 When Park was young, she started to form human-shaped figure with her hands and give performances for fun. This brought positive responses from her family and friends, who expressed astonishment and excitement at her flexibility. “My cousin, who showed a lot of interest, filmed my hand and posted it on social network website. The video spread throughout the Internet and surprisingly, my finger doll became famous,” recalled Park. Thanks to this attention, she was invited to television shows and offered roles in commercials. “At first, I hesitated to appear on television, due to my timid personality. However, as my finger dolls were constantly gaining more attention in the media, I was able to overcome my shyness a little at a time,” added Park.
 She and her finger dolls have appeared more than five times, on popular TV shows such as “Starking”, “Korea’s Got Talent” and “Morning Wide”. As a result of these experiences she made and her finger dolls became a television sensation. “When I was on a television program called “Master of Living”, I was given a mission to tackle a certain number of mini-bowling pins by rolling a mini-tire using my finger doll. It was very hard to do but I succeeded through two hours of prior practice. My parents and I were very happy and that was when I felt the most pride in myself. It was a memorable experience,” said Park.
 Her mother has supported her talent the most. “My finger doll could not have been as well-known as it is now if it had not been for my mother,” Park said. Unlike what most mothers would do, Park’s mother did not attempt to discourage her from doing her finger dolls nor did she tell her to focus on studying instead. Rather, she supported Park and her finger dolls by making props like shoes, clothes, and a mini guitar, while also helping with the scheduling of Park’s appearances on television.
 Park describes her finger dolls as a means of expressing herself, a way of communicating with others, and her own technique to overcome her self-conscious personality. Park added, “My finger dolls have brought remarkable changes to my life. If I had not shown my finger dolls to family and friends, I would not have known how precious this talent is. I hope my fellow Hanyangians will also discover their own talents and realize their value like myself, because something as small as a finger doll can make huge differences.”

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