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No more GSA on Seoul Campus
Min Kyung-han  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[301호] 승인 2008.05.30  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  On May 21, 2008 a press conference was held in front of the College of Social Sciences building at HYU to find a solution of the current distrust issue caused by the General Student Association (GSA) of the Seoul Campus. A press conference was proposed by the GSA, after the Emergency Counter-move Committee requested GSA to explain their standpoint on current suspicious events which discomforted number of Hanyangians. The Emergency Counter-move Committee was created through the bulletin board at the website of HYU, by the Hanyangians who were displeased by GSA's recent actions.

  Kwon Joong-do and Song Young-seok, who are the president and the vice-president of GSA, were present in the conference to explain the issues which some Hanyangians claimed to be suspicious which included, unexplainable errors in the financial document and lending a classroom to Hanchongryun without students' approval. Many students gathered up to listen to what GSA has to say about this incident and also, to ask questions.

  Media outside the HYU such as, MBC and Joong-ang Daily, showed interest in this issue, as they came to cover this topic.

  In the conference, Kwon Joong-do accounced the voluntary resignation of GSA from their position due to making mistakes and errors in a financial document which cannot be explained by the GSA. He also avoided all the questions on Hanchongryun issues by saying, "they are not appropriate questions for this specific conference."

  General Female Student Association (GFSA) gave away handouts to the students which announced that the GFSA will also resign from their position, along with the GSA.

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