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HYU, Practice of Love in Taean
Lee Ho-sung  |  lgsho@hanyang.ac.kr
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[300호] 승인 2008.02.29  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

The recent terrible oil spilt accident in Taean caused Hanyang University(HYU) students and GSA(General Students Association) to move forward. Hanyang Volunteer Corporations Office(HVC) and GSA gathered their will to help clean up the accident site. On last December 2007, HVC students and GSA visited Taean for the first time in the name of Hanyang University.

HVC chief officer, Kook Joong-dae, said, “We visited Taean five times as HYU students and family. About 300 HYU students participated during that period. The most impressing thing in this occasion is that all the others were volunteers; gathered in a short time, fully serving their time in the oil spilt ocean in Taean”. Hanyangians volunteered by preventing the oil-spread in the sandy area on the shore. They helped by removing tar on the rocks and sands, and
even in rough cliff area. All students worked hard because they could not bear the miserable sight of Taean. The Volunteer program was executed five times during the last winter vacation; four or five hours each time because of the tide change in that area, Kook also added by saying that the area where HYU student committed voluntary work was perfectly cleaned enough so that the mother nature could revitalize that area.

Kook also commented “We are planning further voluntary work for the upcoming March. This will be tougher event, because we are expecting to go to the uncleaned area where normal people can not enter. So we will select students who can do more work in the unreachable islands of Taean.” The GSA and HVC will lead the volunteer work next semester too, these event will inspire Hanyangians a real meaning of “Practice of Love.”

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