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Giving a Lesson in Five minutes▪ Kim Jin-hyuk, a Producer of Newstapa ▪
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[327호] 승인 2015.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
“I always try to think of the best way to convey my message in the program. I hope the documentary that I made will intellectually stimulate numerous people in brand new ways,” said Kim Jin - hyuk, the former producer of Education Broadcasting System( EBS ) w h o produced Knowledge of the Channel E and who is now the main producer of Kim Jin-hyuk’s 5 minutes, a five-minute educational documentary.
   Kim is well-known for his short documentary clips which center on societal issues. After he resigned from EBS, he received a proposal from Newstapa, the Korea Center for Investigative Journalism, in order to expose hidden facts in society. As he is already famous for his unique documentaries that contain excellent visuals, he continues to unveil his techniques at Newstapa.
Timeliness is his priority when coming up with new topics. “I always try to consider the social atmosphere and viewers’ interests to present timely issues. By repeating this pattern, it has become a habit for me when selecting themes for the program,” he said.
   Kim has been interested in making visual aids like videos since his childhood, and he felt proud of himself as he watched his viewers learning and picking up messages that he tried to convey through the videos. Subsequently, he applied for the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at Hanyang University and has not looked back since.
   As EBS focuses on educational content, the purpose of his production is to make entertaining documentary programs that could actively engage the viewers’ interest. Kim emphasized that he wants to help people reflect upon themselves through his work. “I hope to move people through my videos. Although my images last for just five minutes, they include messages and heartfelt emotions,” he added.
Producer Kim is now planning to create a science fiction video which will be based on personal stories, using the characteristic of science fiction videos that enable people to imagine freely. As the years go by, he becomes more and more certain he will keep producing interesting documentaries. “I want to be a producer who always considers people’s interests. I hope that just a short five minutes of my videos will be strong enough to provide great visual pleasure.”
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