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[2호] 승인 2008.06.17  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

In society, people are used to getting information from the media such as newspaper, Internet, broadcasting, and so on. And then, University students are no exception to this rule. Particularly, they are getting information from their university speech institution. Also, there are four speech institution at Hanyang University except for the Hanyang Journal; The Hanyang University News (THUN), Weekly Hanyang, Hanyang University Broadcasting Station (HUBS), Voice Of Hanyang (VOH). And then, let’s find out their role as a university speech institution in detail.

Weekly Hanyang, The Window of HYU

Weekly Hanyang as the window of HYU to the public can be seen at HYU homepage as a Web-Zine every wednesday. By publishing at the Internet website, Weekly Hanyang has secured many readers not only HYU students but also un-specified netizens. It contains many articles of various informations to the readers about movements and what-abouts of HYU's members like professors, students and employees as well as the progressive developments for the long-term prosperity of HYU.

 There is no standard application form to join as the Weekly Hanyang members. It is open to every students who is registered at school and also a year's leave of absence temporarily in HYU. But it is impossible for the seniors of 4th grade who left the second-half term to apply because the member's tenure is only a year. They publish web magazine every week during a year even during vacation seasons. Weekly Hanyang consists of 17 student pressmen at Seoul and Ansan campus. And also they are employed camera reporter and web designer.

Jang Ki-jin, senior of major in Journalism and Mass Communication, editor of Weekly Hanyang said "We have a different particular part in comparison of other media in HYU. We try to write an article about being able to give notice of HYU not to criticize about issue of HYU." and also he said "Nowadays, power of press in HYU has become weak. So, we try to gather news more then before in order to make good in this weaken part. we hope for reader to report their own news which their award or want to inform their specific character. It will be the best time to inform their own. Please, inform lots of things about own's major or department."

The Hanyang University News, Brightening Intelligence & Powerful Writing

THUN as a weekly magazine can be seen every Monday. While Weekly Hanyang has taken charge of HYU's public relations, THUN looks at happening in HYU critically and fosters the growth of HYU.

THUN consists of 25 student pressmen at Seoul and Ansan. And they make it a rule to a term of six semester; a cub-reporter, a reporter, an assistant director, a director and a chief of an newspaper office. And also they devided into five department; news section reporter, society section reporter, culture section reporter, academic section reporter, photo section reporter etc.

Jang Hyung-soo, junior of major in Sociology of Information Society, managing editor of THUN said "When we ask questions of students in HYU at the newspaper of special column, subscription ratio of THUN is lower than our expectation. So I think the most important thing which higher newspaper's subscription ratio is THUN's growth aim. Therefore, first of all, we try to approach with students, make high of planning ability and have a strong content."

And also he said, "To HYU, we expect to financial more than present and spare no effect to do each other. Also I hope to reader to read a THUN. We try to publish more academic maturity."

Hanyang University Broadcasting Station, Speech of Intelligence & Enlightened Reflection

HUBS at Seoul campus can be heard three times everyday; morning, afternoon and evening. And They have informed about HYU's news by broadcasting. They have broadcasted by using Internet and audio. Also they are not only accept contents of a letter or Internet through notice board and turn on the music, but also gather and report about HYU's news and event.

HUBS has four departments; a producing section, a reporting section, a broadcasting section, technique section etc. They always try to learn and report about technical broadcasting knowledge. So, they have learn imagine and audio broadcasting of their own through six weeks in vacation seasons.

Kim Ji-hye, junior of department of Food and Nutrition, director of HUBS said "Nowadays, lots of freshman did not apply for university broadcasting station because of 's job shortage. It is true, but in order to get over this situation, we have more passions of broadcasting and effect of social problem and stand for the speech of university students." And also she said "If you have attitude of strong and enjoy mind about doing broadcasting, you apply for HUBS anytime. If you come in, you will be feel enjoy and passions about broadcasting."

Voice Of Hanyang, Echo Of Truth

 VOH is a broadcasting station at Ansan campus. It was established in 1981 and has been in charge of role as a university speech on and off the campus. VOH’s regularity broadcasting is broadcasted three times a day; morning, noontime, afternoon. And their department is largely divided into four parts; section of report, section of production, section of technique, and section of announcer.

And, in addition to regular task such as Internet broadcasting, regularity audio broadcasting, and image experimental broadcasting, broadcasting festival, opening broadcasting, and special broadcasting is proceed every year. And Moon Jong-chun, department of advertising, junior, the chief of an office said, “To us, every events were valuable. Among these, especially, broadcasting event was most impressive proceeded during last festival. And we have endeavored to communicate more with schoolmates.”

Like this, speech of Hanyang University effort to inform much and exact information. And their the biggest wish is that our schoolmate take an interest in speech. About this Moon, the chief of VOH, said, “Indifference is more fearful than reproach. Indifference of schoolmate make all of the university speech institution shrink and go backward. So, we hope that schoolmates take an interest in our broadcasting.” To give a much interest of schoolmates, speech of Hanyang University make an effort to listen students’ words in detail.


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