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May Literature Festival
Cho Swan  |  swancho@hanyang.ac.kr
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[2호] 승인 2008.06.17  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

This year was the 10th anniversary of May Literature Festival. The program of this festival was oriented to the literature works of Hanyang University’s former Professor Park Mok-wol. The main programs of the festival were a literature competition and a seminar. The literature competition was relaying poem starting from a quotation from Professor Parks's poem.

This competition was mainly for students from elementary to university. Yu An-jin, a follower of Professor Park, and Lee Geon-cheon, a professor in HYU's Department of Korean Linguistics and Literature gave speeches at the seminar. The speeches were mainly about the life and philosophy of Professor Park. The author Yu An-jin recalled her first meeting with Professor Park. She said, "He was looking for followers who are passionate rather than talented without steadfastness." The poet Lee Goen-cheon talked about the strict teaching of Professor Park.

The festival is held every spring and fall. The main purpose of this is reminding the value of literature and encouraging this generation to participate in the field. It also promotes relationship between HYU and local community. It was sponsored by HYU Library at Ansan and Department of Korean Language & Literature.

The reason why the festival is oriented to Professor Park is this year is not only the anniversary of the festival, but also the 30th anniversary of former Professor Park Mok-wol's death. So, this year the committee decided to give the name, 'Mok-wol Literatue Festival'. Professor Park gave his lecture at HYU at Seoul when he was alive. He is famous for his poems, Cheon-No-Ru, Na-gu-ne and Ga-Jeong.

May 23rd, there was a ceremony of awarding prizes. Sin Ji-yun got the first place at the competition for elementary school. Han Ji-e got the first place at the competition for middle and high school. Kwan Woo-ju got the first place at the competition for adults. Other 30 people also received awards.

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