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Moving Forward Step by StepJo Min-woong, Technological Mechanic Examination Achiever
Jeon Yong-shin  |  ysh17571@hanyang.ac.kr
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[333호] 승인 2017.03.06  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Jo Min-woong, a senior in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Hanyang University (HYU), achieved the highest score in the nationwide Technological Mechanic Examination. The purpose of this examination is to hire competent public servants.
According to Jo, the reason he wanted to become a public servant was simple and virtuous. “I wanted to contribute to the establishment of policies that could make people happy. Also, I hoped that working to promote public interests would fill me with pride and a sense of duty.”
For Jo, studying for the exam to become a public servant was meaningful. However, it took a lot of time and effort to prepare. “While I was studying for the exam, my mind and body sometimes became tired. Therefore, I jogged along the river once a week to get rid of anxiety and to build up my physical strength.” The support he received from HYU’s technology examination preparation program also helped to ease his anxiety. “The program provided lectures and trial exams. The school also provided study rooms and dormitories,” he said.
The Technology Examination is made up of three stages. The first stage is the PSAT (Public Service Aptitude Test). Jo emphasized the need to analyze previous tests when preparing for the PSAT. “The test itself is so time consuming with the high possibility one could fail to finish the test in time. By analyzing previous tests, I could determine what kind of questions I needed to answer and the strategies required for solving questions for each type.” The second stage of the exam requires examinees to take several tests related to their fields. He said all the subjects are hard and include many things to memorize. Rather than memorizing everything, he tried to understand the principles as much as he could. The third stage of the exam is an interview. “I prepared for the interview by groups and talking about current issues.”
Jo said, “In the near future, the fourth industrial age led by big data and artificial intelligence, will begin. I will prepare our country to embrace the fourth industrial revolution.”
Jo ended the interview by introducing a saying, “Going forward step by step is the best way to achieve a goal.” “I hope this expression will lessen the anxiety for job applicants or students who is preparing for an exam. Big goals take many steps. One shouldn’t feel discouraged by the distance between them and the goal, but should always remember that with a step each day, they are slowly walking towards their goal.”

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