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Listen to the DormitoryWhat is your advice for living alone & apart from your family?
Choi Ji-su  |  jisuchoi1020@hanyang.ac.kr
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[336호] 승인 2017.12.04  
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Kim Da-woon
Department of Interior Design 17
I recommend taking a walk for those who live apart from their families. Although I have made many new and great friends at Hanyang University, I feel lonely when I am alone and I often think too much to the point where I have to refresh my mind. When that happens, I usually take a walk. There are many good places to walk near our school, but I especially like to walk at the Salgoji Sports Park. Since Han River is very close to our school, walking along the Han River also allows me to get rid of negative thoughts. 


Lee Ji-hyun
Department of Theater and Film 17
I am a freshman this year, so I don’t have much sufficient advice to give. But I think spending plenty of time with friends is really helpful for me. I don’t eat alone but gather with other friends to eat and by doing so, we build our friendship. Having a close relationship with my roommate is also very helpful. Although my roommate and I both are very busy, we’ve gotten very close by eating chicken together late at night. I rely a lot on my friends while I live apart from my parents.


Zhang Rui
Department of Theater and Film 16
The advice I want to give is to “Stay Strong”. Since you are separated from your parents, you shouldn’t tell them everything. If you do so, they will get worried about you. We are all grown-ups, so I think we must learn to take care of ourselves. Especially for foreign students, I want to tell them “Follow the Korean Rules”. We are now in Korea, and we must follow the regional rules and get used to it. Also, if you live in the dormitory, you should make concessions to your roommate and be considerate of each other.


Manuel Oser
Department of Industrial Engineering 15
I advise people who live alone to always find ways to buy cheaper stuff. From my experience, it is much cheaper to buy big portions of food at once. Also, you can save money by sharing food with friends and you can have fun cooking dinner together. In addition, finding the right part-time job is very important, too. I not only get to earn money but also make new friends through my part-time job.





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