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The Future We Cannot Know
Chea Sarah  |  sarahchea@hanyang.ac.kr
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[338호] 승인 2018.06.04  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

"That’s what the present is. It’s a little unsatisfying because life’s a little unsatisfying.” This is what Gil Pender said in the movie Midnight in Paris. Gil finally met Adriana, who lives in the past that Gil believed to be the ‘golden age’. However, Adriana is not satisfied with her time and considers the more distant past, ‘Belle epoque’ is the ‘golden age’. Even people in the Belle epoque period say that their time is like garbage and long for the past. Gil ends his fantasy by acknowledging the past was not all golden and the present that he is living will be someone’s golden age in the future. All people in this Earth always long for the past, instead of considering the future. This quote from one of my favorite movies is definitely one of the all time favorites.

 Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Future has to be uncertain, and this is what all people are afraid of. I never knew about my future either. I never knew that I would write this as an Editor-in-Chief of the Hanyang Journal. I never knew that I would dream about being a journalist. All situations surrounding me were unexpected and unplanned. However, it isn’t that bad actually.

 I want all people, especially university students, to realize this. We all don’t know what our future looks like. It’s impossible to know what would happen to us right after reading this magazine; not to speak of our far future. The only thing we can do is to live the present for the future we can never know. We all should keep it mind that our present can be someone’s golden age in the future. By living in the moment and enjoying the present, it will bring us a present in the future.

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