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Listen to HITHow Close Do You Think You Are to Achieving Your Dreams This Year?
Lee Hyun-jeong  |  hjl503@hanyang.ac.kr
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[340호] 승인 2018.12.03  
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Park Su-jin
Department of Theater and Film 14

This year, I think I have gotten quite closer to achieving my dream. So far, I focused on finding my future goal since I did not know which job I wanted to pursue. But, fortunately, I was able to join a startup club in HIT this semester. The startup club prepares students for business establishments and is open for all students interested in establishing a company. Actually, I’m preparing for a start-up with my members now. Our start-up ideas are creating a traveling community and developing wearable items. Although we haven’t completely developed our ideas yet, I will try to fulfill them and maybe turn them into reality by this year.



Kim So-yeon
Department of Economics and Finance 15

There’s not much that I achieved in 2018. However, this year I was able to contemplate about my future and set up some plans. To be honest, last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do. By taking a leave of absence from school and traveling, I was able to reflect on my life seriously. And finally, I decided to set up goals that I can fulfill step-by-step before pursuing my ultimate dream. So, I promised myself to acquire language certificates such as TOEIC and HSK, and certificates related to trade. In addition, I’m going to participate in extracurricular activities based on banking, and apply for an internship. From now on, I will challenge myself in diverse fields as much as I can and am sure each step will be meaningful.



Kenneth Chabra
Department of International Business

2018 was a big step for me because I came to Korea. My dream is to enter the Korean entertainment industry. I want to work as a creative director in an entertainment industry by performing, producing, and influencing other people. Actually, K-Pop has had a huge effect on some parts of my goal. I love dancing and K-Pop stars like iKON and BLACKPINK because they are so attractive. So now, I’m attending a dance academy in Korea, and trying my best to learn more and more. Even though this is my last semester at Hanyang University, I am planning to move to Korea permanently to make my dreams come true.



Kate Kim & Nahla AL Harthi
Department of Electronic Engineering 17 and Computer Science 18

We think we are far away from achieving our dreams. Yet we are still reaching towards them step-by-step. In our case, coming to Korea and living here was one of our life goals. It was one of the many goals in our life, but we succeeded in achieving it. We think a goal is not confined to just careers. It encompasses all aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is extremely important to feel satisfied with them, and with what we have done when we look back on it sometime later. Now we are trying our best to do everything we can, and we will continue to do so in the future.

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