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[300호] 승인 2008.02.29  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Choi Chul, who entered the Division ofTourism of HYU in 1992, became the numbertwo employee as a ‘reservations manager’in The Ritz Hotel London, which is oneof the most famous hotels in the world.Choi, who also known as Charles Choiintroduced The Ritz in a very proud andconfident tone.“There are approximately 350 membersof staff working at The Ritz including 20managers. It is a dream for every hotelier toput the name of “The Ritz” on theirResume. I can proudly to say that I am theonly Asian origin manager. The greatestasset I have gained from my experience atThe Ritz is ‘confidence’.”He commented that he joined the Ritzback in 2001 as an intern from LondonHotel School. The very first position he wasoffered was “night auditor” who is responsiblefor end of day financial auditing andreports. Since then, he received a total offour promotions. After working as anAssistant Night Manager and the NightManager, he promoted ReservationsManager. Furthermore, he has been workingas an Acting Revenue Manager sinceJune, 2007. He said that, “I can describe myjob as a manager who decides the bestavailable rates for the day on a daily basisaccording to internal and external influencein order to maximize revenue for the hotel.”About his tough challenge in London,he said, “The biggest challenge I had in thebeginning of my years in London was keepingmy confidence. This could have a seriousimpact on you especially if you are anAsian male due to the fact that you are notlikely to get a lot of attention.In order to boost my confidence, I triedto make myself special and interesting sothat people around me can naturally payattention to me. On the other hand, I had abelief that there are certain principles whichcan be applied to anywhere on the planet.These principles include ‘honesty’, ‘friendliness’,‘fairness’, ‘punctuality’, ‘ consistency’and ‘flexibility’. If you stick to theseprinciples, I strongly believe you can besuccessful anywhere in the world.When I commenced my employment atThe Ritz, I promised to myself that I wouldalways come into work at least one hourearlier and leave the office one hour laterthan my colleagues. I think I have kept thispromise for the last five years and this smalldifference made myself successful and outstanding.”When also asked what HYU meant tohim, he said, “I still remember how proud Ifelt about becoming a HYU student when Iput my first step into the campus back in1992. Since that moment, HYU has alwaysbeen the name of my pride and passion, Istrongly suggest you guys spend more timereading books related to your major andthink about your future”Lastly, he wanted to give advice tofuture Hanyangians who wants to be hotelierin the near future. “Personally, I wouldlike to see more and more people fromHYU working in hotel business. Hotels areplaces with elegance, style and beauty.However, working in the hotel business isanother story.In London, there are thousands ofhotels and they need good people to successfullyrun those properties. If you havepassion and energy to go extra miles, youprobably have a good chance to get a joband progress your career in this city as noteveryone has that passion and energy likeyourself. My dream is now going backhome. I have had my run and I think it istime to plan to go back to where I belong.”
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