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Listen to the International BuildingWhat is the Best Movie You’ve Ever Seen?
Choi Sung-won  |  chois12@hanyang.ac.kr
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[343호] 승인 2019.09.02  
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▲ HJ Park Hee-ju 

Kim San

Department of Korean Literature and Language 13 

One of my favorite movies is a film called Roma, which was released in 2018. The movie does not contain much drama but shows the daily lives of ordinary people, something I like to watch. Roma is about the normal life of a Mexican woman in the city during the 1970s. When you watch the movie, you will definitely notice that the producer put a lot of effort to portray trivial events of sadness and happiness that everyone has felt throughout their life time, which leaves a deep afterglow for the audience.


▲ HJ Park Hee-ju 

Do Anh Thu

Department of Korean Literature 19

My favorite movie that I would like to recommend would be Split (23 Identities), which was first shown in 2016. This movie deals with a man who suffers from having multiple personalities. I am a big fan of these kinds of genres, covering topics related to psychological and suspenseful stories. For me, the diversity encompassed by the main character, a man who possesses many personalities, including one of a women, really stood out. I definitely think people with similar taste would enjoy this film as well.


▲ HJ Park Hee-ju 

Amy Lima

Division of International Studies 19

I really enjoyed a recent film from the Marvel series, Spider-man: Far From Home. After it was released, I watched it several times. There is no deep reason as to why I like the movie, but I think that the action scenes are awesome. The best thing about this movie is that since the audience has watched the main character grow throughout the series, you can really relate, understand, and feel the pain of him adjusting to life after losing an important person.


▲ HJ Park Hee-ju 

Waqas Arshad Tanoli

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 16

Dangal, a Bollywood movie, is one of my favorites that I keep watching over and over again. It is based on the issue of gender equality. The main characters are women who work really hard to become professional wrestlers. The movie shows the discrimination they face in the male-dominated sport and how they overcome it. The reason why it is my favorite movie is because it encourages people to do what they want regardless of gender. Gender does not really matter when it comes to passion and hard work.

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