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Engine of KoreaObserving Each Division of HYU which Led HYU to Current Status
Min Kyung-han  |  kh88min@hanyang.ac.kr
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It has been 70 years for Hanyang University (HYU) Seoul campus and 30 years for Ansan campus. Status of the HYU has been growing both academically and environmentally since its establishment as Dong-A Engineering Institute. Through [Cover Story], hanyangians can observe the effort from different divisions in HYU: Design Team, Admissions Promotion, Planning Team, and International Cooperation. Then, hanyangians can estimate the possibilities of HYU becoming a major university in the world.

Establishment of HYU

HYU started its establishment as Dong-A Engineering (Polytechnic) Institute on July 1, 1939. It was renamed as HYU upon forming the university foundation in March, 1959. Dr Kim Lyun-joon was inaugurated as the first president of HYU. It had three colleges with 19 departments: the College of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts,
and the College of Politics and Economy. In 1980, HYU Ansan campus was established. Dr. Kim Lyun-joon said, “The founding spirit of HYU is to educate and train students to understand and to love one another, based upon virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service, to heighten the noble spirit of learning, and to become men and women who work not only for themselves but also for the nation and its people, and future for all mankind.”

Design Team of Seoul
Buildings and facilities are one of the important factors that affect the reputationof a university. Numerous departments require spaces for various reasons such as researching, teaching, and etc. Currently, HYU even lacks classrooms for lectures. Upon hanyangians, HYU is well known for a university that has on-going campus constructions. As new constructions were initiated, hanyangians began to wonder about the actual plans behind all the constructions. The Hanyang Journal visited the Design Team, office of Facilities Management of HYU and received detailed master plans of the HYU’s architecture. Firstly, changes are given to the areas around the Former Front Gate, which is called Gujungmun in Korean. The road which connects to the incoming road from the Hospital Entrance got widened from single lane to double lane. Lee Won-yong the head of Design Team of HYU,
explained the importance and value for the New Front Gate. Lee said, “Before, we had two gates: Former Front Gate and Front Gate. Both of them did not function well as a ‘Front Gate’ for the school. We are rebuilding the Front Gate in order to actually function as a main gate for the school. HYU needs a proper gate.” Lee continued with explaining the changes given to the areas. “We first widen the single lane road to double lane. This created better environment for visiting cars. This change will also provide a sense of openness to HYU. HYU is located on a mountain and many hills block the field of vision.” However, building a proper gate and developing the areas around the gate will be a long-term plan. Instead, HYU will have a temporary plan for this area due to the difficulties HYU has around this area. Lee explained the dilemma for this area. “There is a master plan for HYU’s gate; this is a long-term plan. Near the Front Gate, we are planning to build few buildings. However, there is a small building right beside the Former Front Gate we have difficulty in buying it. The owner of the building has always claimed for more money every time we have asked. Therefore, we have to leave this as a longterm plan and stick to the temporary plan until we manage to purchase that small building. Our temporary plan is to somehow upgrade the New Front Gate, so it can work as a symbol for HYU and function as a main gate. We are still researching and
discussing through many samples. The small building near the gate is a pain and major problem right now because it draws people’s sight from HYU to that building. Master plan will be initiated, as soon as HYU purchases that building.” Due to the historic value, Former Front Gate, Gujungmun will be moved and preserved. Design team is still looking for a right place for it. Secondly, The Front Gate of HYU which is called Shinjungmun in Korean will be gone for sure. Areas near it including Jinsaro and water fountain will be developed into some kind of park. This is a part of Seoul city’s “No Fence Project” for universities designed to remove the barrier between campus and the residents. This plan is also expected to provide a sense of openness to HYU. Lee said, “There is no dilemma for this plan and it will be initiated on upcoming spring.” HYU is going to have another Administration Building soon as it is being built right now. Lee explained the necessity of this new building. “Currently in HYU, offices are all over the place. For example, the Office of International Cooperation is in Graduate School building, and the Office of
Planning & Coordination is in College of Human Ecology building. All of the offices need to be moved into the New
Administration Building for convenience purposes.” Lee also said that Design Team is thinking of turning the old Administration Building into some kind of memorial hall. It would also be a possible place to preserve Former Front Gate. As the New Administration Building is almost being built, Hanyang Plaza became an issue. Part of the New Administration Building is blocked by Hanyang Plaza and people coming out from the subway station cannot see the whole image of the new building. Lee said Hanyang Plaza will have to be gone, yet this also is a long-term plan along with the remodeling issue with the Student Union Building. College of Social Science building is really old. Remodeling of this building will start on upcoming spring. First, Public Administration Local Autonomy Special
Graduate School building will be built next to the current College Social Science building. This will provide space for lectures and other purposes while the College of Social Science building is under the work of remodeling. After Public Administration Local Autonomy Special Graduate School building is built, remodeling of College of Social Science building will begin. There are three big empty lands around the HYU and students are wondering about
the details of further plans on those lands. These lands include the one behind School of Business building, the one reserved for School of Architecture, and the one beside the Alumni Association Building. The one behind the School of Business has the same problem with the Front Gate. Lee explained, “There is a house in the middle of HYU’s land which would just not sell. If we wanted to build buildings in that area or develop that land in any ways, we have to build a road which is six meters long in width just for that household. If we do that we would lose about 30 percent of HYU’s land just for that road. It is not worth it, that land is left as a long-term plan until we manage to purchase that house. Plan for School of Architecture building is currently in design process. HYU managed to buy last portion of the reserved land recently. Now designing of this building is in progress with cooperation between
HYU’s Design Team and professors from School of Architecture. Land beside the Alumni Association Building is not HYU’s property. Lee said, “It is just not ours. We have tried to buy it but they have asked for price which is three to four times more expensive than the other lands near it. It is just not worth it.” Lee commented about the designs of the HYU’s buildings. “This is my personal opinion. It has not been long since HYU has stood out among university society. During that period HYU had been through quantity expansion. In 60’s and 90’s HYU built many ordinary cement buildings because it had to procure the spaces needed for classrooms, research, and etc. After 90’s, HYU began to implement the value of quality to its buildings. After considering the values among economic, technical, and beauty, buildings were either newly built or remodeled. HYU has only been valuing the quality in its buildings for less than 20 years old. It is just not fair for hanyangians to just say they are not satisfied with the designs of HYU’s buildings. Hanyangians need to understand the difficulties.”

Public Relations

HYU has devoted itself to modernization of South Korea and Admissions Promotion Section of HYU implemented this fact into public relations of HYU. Manager of Admissions Promotion Section, Ahn Jong-Kil explained a reason to start this promotion. “HYU started a new slogan in its public relation called ‘Engine of Korea’ since the admission of 2009. The concept of this plan is to remind people that there has always been HYU in development of Korea and let them believe that HYU can work as an engine of the world in future. In university fairs which consist of seven
major universities in Seoul including HYU, 30,000 varios of people visit including the parents and teachers of the high school students. This is a reason why we developed new slogan and strategy for public relation. For university fares, we created a video clip about how HYU has acted as an engine for Korea in variety of ways. This was more
effective plan than just showing the ranks and evaluations especially in this university fair since giving impact in a short amount of given time is the key in these fairs. By this, HYU tried to gain the sympathy from the parents as they lived the era where HYU has devoted itself to the developments of this country. HYU’s appeal succeeded and
this project received positive feedback from the audience. Parents at the fare thought it was touching. Staffs from other universities which participated in the same fare commented that video appealed the best merits of HYU and it was well made.” This project is a long-term project rather than short-term project. HYU will need to continue developing it.Admission Promotion Team also goes global. With several universities in Seoul, HYU has been going to the major cities in the United States to attract Korean students who have left Korea for studying purposes. Ahn said, “We visited Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. There are demands from other cities but we cannot make it to other cities due to shortage in staff members.” In China there is a building called Hanyang Center. Students in China can just get help coming to HYU from there.

Planning Team
HYU has a target goal called, “Project 2010.” Project 2010 for Seoul campus is to become one of the global prestigious universities; In other words, listing its name among 100 major universities in the world. How is the project going so far? As there is only one year left for this goal, hanyangians are also wondering if that goal is being
achieved. On the bulletin board of HYU, hanyangians have posted their opinions about project 2010. Some of the hanyangians claimed that project 2010 was postponed to 2039 of HYU’s 100th anniversary. Planning Team of HYU is part of the organization which is responsible for planning and operating strategy for HYU. Kim Si-jung, manager of HYU’s Planning Team at Office of Planning and Coordination, explained current situations about project 2010. “Primary goal for the project 2010 was to make HYU one of the global prestigious schools. HYU was rated fifth place in reputation and alumni status by the JoongAng Daily’s assessment. In world university ranking evaluated by The Times, HYU was ranked sixth place overall among Korean universities. HYU was also ranked third among Korean universities by the Ecole des Mines de Paris, in number of alumni CEOs in the world’s top 500 companies.
Our rank in the world has continuously been increasing.” Ahn said there will be a new plan which will replace project 2010. “We are developing a new plan called vision 2010. Our rank has been rising but we have a long way to go for project 2010 was which aims to place HYU within 100 major universities; it does not mean 100th in the rank. Based on evaluations outside HYU we can say this plan came to a success; however, we cannot satisfy with our current position. We are planning to develop a strategy which is innovative. We are doing researches and we will be reviewing the brand image of HYU. Also, the plan like this should not be set for 10 to 20 years; we need a new plan to adapt to this rapidly changing world. Fluent plan is a key to survive in this world; we will need to keep setting new goals. Our new plan will have a goal placing HYU on world’s top 100 universities. For engineering college, top 50. We will announce this new plan called, “Vision 2010” around Oct, 2009.”

To the World! To the Future!    -International Cooperation

The Office of International Cooperation has taken a large role for exchange programs between HYU and the world. It has been a portal for hanyangians to go global. The Office of International Cooperation offers variety of programs to both undergraduate and graduate students. One of the main programs is called Hanyang Study Abroad Scholarship. This program started since 1981. This program is designed for students who plan to enroll in heither Masters or Doctors degree in universities overseas. A staff at Office of International Cooperation Shin Yong-zin commented, “This program is probably the most significant program we offer. Number of people who received this scholarship and studied abroad in the past, are either taking a large role internationally, or working as professors at HYU.” And there is HYU Exchange Student program. HYU is sending students overseas through this program. Countries include
USA, Canada, Europe, China and etc. Shin said, “HYU offers exchange programs in variety of universities in variety of countries HYU provides opportunities for students to have wide experience which normal students cannot experience. Numbers of participants are increasing every year.” Another program is called Self Designed Internship. Hanyangians choose the companies or nonprofit organizations and receive permission by themselves. Then, HYU gives out scholarship. This kind of program is only offered in HYU. In terms of internship, there is TWC Internship. The Washington Center is an agency which cooperates with HYU to look for companies for students to work, that are
high in quality. This program has the highest satisfaction measurement from the students, and it also has high employment rate. WEST Program is available in terms of internship. It consists of six months of language study and six months of foreign company internship. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Ministry of Education Science and Technology are promoting this program and HYU were assigned with the highest numbers of spaces for students. There is a program called Global Frontier which is also special. Hanyangians can make a team to investigate foreign company, university, or research center and come up with a plan for it by themselves. If they get accepted, HYU supports them. Students are required to hand in the report after their investigation. Office of International Cooperation does not only send students overseas; they also receive students from all over the world.
International Summer School is the program. Shin explained this program. “Concept of this program is just like regular summer school program, added with cultural exchange opportunity. Korean students and students from all over the world can participate in this program. This is a four weeks program and numbers of participants are continuously increasing every year.

Education-Research-Industry (ERI) Cluster
HYU Ansan campus has high reputation for its ERI Cluster. ERI Cluster team is working on four major projects. The most important among those projects, is “education.” There are about 17 programs which require hanyangians to both take the class and enroll on the job training. If students take these courses, they receive a diploma. Kim Dong-il, staff of ERI Cluster explains some of the programs they have. “The most famous program among these 17 programs is “Six-Sigma” program. This program is taught by professional lecturers instead of professors of HYU because this course needs to be taught by a professional. This course is what people in major companies such as Samsung and LG, are required to take once they get in. This program is about learning Quality Control, and this program consists of four programs which differentiate in levels. We offer the Green Belt level which is the most basic course. Students who took this course and received a certificate, showed higher employment rate compare to hanyangians at Ansan who did not take this course; this proves the quality of this program. We are the only school which gives out a certificate to the students who have completed this course.” HYU Ansan Campus also offers “On
the Job” training course for junior and senior students during the vacations. Concept of this program is similar to
international internship. Park described, “We work as an agency, and companies pick the students they want to hire. This is called a Co-op program. Every year we have about 10 students going to Japan, and four to eight students going to Germany. Going to the United States, is complicated due to visa issues.” Architecture of Ansan
There will also be a change in the Front Gate of Ansan Campus. HYU Ansan campus held a design contest for the Front Gate. Park Jong-lim, Staff of Design Team at HYU Ansan, explained the intention of this contest. “We had a Front Gate design contest most importantly to gather hanyangians’ fresh ideas and possibly reflect on the actual design if they were valuable.” However, contest had no winner. Park said, “24 students applied for this contest
but only seven submitted their designs. Four awards were given out, yet there was no winner. Professionals were invited to mark the designs. Because all of the participants were sophomores and juniors, lack of specialty in architecture showed even if their major was architecture. Also, all of the designs and ideas received were not sufficient to be a winner.” Despite the absence of a winner, four awards will be awarded to the students soon. Front Gate plan is planned to be finished at the end of this year. Park said, “We are planning to get this done by end of this year. In the beginning of this year, we need to make final decision on the design of the Front Gate. If buildings with roofs were decided to be built for the Front Gate or near Front Gate, we need to get approval from the city.” Design Team of HYU Ansan is planning to remodel Student Union Building. Park said, “Remodeling and enlargement of Student Union Building are planned. We will finalize the design of this building and start construction around the summer vacation. It will be only enlarged in terms of area, meaning the building will not get higher. It is hard to continue construction during the semester due to the business of the diners in the building.” A research center for College of Engineering Sciences is also planned to be built. This building is not big in size, but this will be used for professors’ research projects. First floor of Natural Sciences Museum is planned to be remodeled so that it can function as public relations for ERI cluster. However, these plans except for the Front Gate will not be finalized until February when budget for this department will be decided by the school.

Evaluation and Outlook
Different divisions of HYU have been working hard until 70th anniversary of HYU. They brought HYU to current status. Now, their goals and plans will continue internationally. HYU will need to make some changes in order to leap toward the world. Ahn Jong-Kil, Admissions Promotion Section manager gave comment about HYU’s outlook and future. He gave his opinion on how it should function as a global engine. “HYU has been an engine of Korea, now in order to become an engine of the world. Image of the brand “HYU” needs to be improved. In order to do that, HYU needs to make hanyangians study; in order to make them study, professors must study as well. Implementing three semester policy instead of two semester police the one we currently have, would be an example. HYU needs power of unity. Students, professors, and staffs need to unite and work together in order to step out into the world.”
Ahn pointed out some of the limits in Ansan Campus. “Ansan is promoting the ERI Cluster and using that in public relations but there are some limits. Fresh and innovative change to this campus is essential. Also, the name of the city Ansan is not familiar to normal people. Giving specialized name for Ansan campus will be an example of change.” HYU has been an engine of Korea’s development in various ways. This is a fact Koreans know even if they are not from HYU. Now it is preparing to become a global engine running for a world. Its current rank and status in the world is in constant increase. Will HYU become a global engine? It will only be a matter of time.

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