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[300호] 승인 2008.03.02  
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Why do you read The Hanyang Journal(HJ)? Some Hanyangians answered that the HJ is helpful for English
comprehension improvement. And they said, “I can get campus news that is analyzed and reported deeply.” A lot of students have much concern about the publication of the HJ. Three times a semester on the Seoul and Ansan campuses 8,000 magazines are distributed. All the while in the HJ the students who are interested in campus media have produced and edited the HJ. The reporters of the HJ have the motto, “Leaves of Grass”, we will carry news through universities’ spirit in society. the HJ has distributed magazines widely. It delivers fresh news with the feeling of movements to organizations such as the academic world and the press as well as students and faculty in Hanyang University(HYU). The HJ is the only media in English in HYU and the HJ delivers indepth news in HYU to foreign universities.

For Readers to Read the HJ Easily
On June 10, 1970 Oh Jin-whan, currently a professor emeritus in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and seven student journalists published The Hanyang Times as tabloids. In 1980, the title was changed to the HJ. In 1995, to deliver verse editing and contents the edition was changed to a large octavo. In 1999 the HJ was published in 218mm×304mm editions. Since publishing the first edition, the HJ tried many changes to satisfy the readers and is a model to other universitiy English newspapers.

Recognition from out of the HJ

With good contents and editing the HJ won the first prize at the first Internal University English Newspaper Contest from The Korea Herald in September 1985. In October 1987, the HJ received the best reporter prize at the second Internal University English Newspaper Contest from The Korea Herald. And the HJ received the fourth prize in the Korean Universities Reporters in news gathering and reporting section in 2003.

The Process of the Making of the HJ
In a magazine, there should be a direction and a motto. When first making the magazine, reporters have a planning conference. In it, reporters decide how many pages and what columns the magazines will have. Next is the editorial conference in which they discuss the subjects of the columns and decide on them. For reporting brief articles such as 「Campus News」and 「Hanyangians」, they have a reporting conference.
Academic Section Editor Kang Su-yeon said, “Over two days, all day, we had discussions on the more valued subjects, the discussion often takes up an entire night. For the discussion, we try to read newspapers everyday and concern ourselves with all HYU affairs related to HYU students, professors, and faculty.” Reporters get the sources from wall posters, reporting on departments in HYU and value the sources. And reporters gather data and write down the columns. Then the Section Editors and Editor-in-Chief edit the direction and organization of the articles. To smooth the articles’ stream and use good expressions Korean and foreigner English advisers also revise the articles. English adviser, Lee Shin-young said, “Journal reporters tend to transfer the Korean expressions directly into English so we try to correct the expressions.” Through the layout and setting up type the magazine is made. The layout is done in CS Design Group with professional graphic designers. After the work in CS, the film is sent to a printing house. In the printing house, 8,000 magazines are published for a week. Reporters distribute in the subway entrance and each of the colleges. After that, the magazine is evaluated. The conference is not to repeat the problems in making the magazine and completions and flaws.

The Publication and the Beginning of the Website
Until now three magazines a semester were published and in 2008 two magazines will be published a semester and for months the Internet website will be updated. A reader of the HJ, Park Hyun-sun a sophomore in the Division of English Literature and Language said, “I read the HJ all the time and I wait for the publication of the HJ. I am sorry to hear that the publication is shortened to two times. I do not know if I will check the updates of the HJ’s website, but if the HJ reporters do their best to run it, many students will have interest in the website.”

The Introduction of the Columns
The cover shows short contents, head and photographs of the 「Cover Story」. The main columns are social, cultural, photographic, academic and newsgathering sections. 「Acropolis」, campus news section, reports the best issues in HYU through the HJ’s eye. In the HJ No.299 merger and acquisition in HYU was articulated and in this magazine an issue about General Female Student Association is dealt with. Seeing the letter from the HJ readers a lot of students want more articles about HYU. 「Cover Story」’s contents are issues both in and out of HYU which are issued among the readers. It is the main column in magazines. 「Focus」, photographic section, gives a message through some photos. 「Eureka」, academic section, deals with interesting scientific knowledge or human knowledge which happens around us. 「Society」, the social section, deals with issues in society relating to Hanyangians. For example, when irregular jobs were an issue in society, the HJ wrote about the part time jobs in HYU. The columns point out the problem and suggest the solution. 「Review」, 「Culture」, cultural sections, talks about books, plays, movies, musicals, and exhibitions. 「Culture」lights up the cultural movement deeply.

The Contest for the Students
To engage the HJ readers, every year essay contests are held. It is an effort to raise HYU students’ English ability. Yoon Ji-whan, a junior in the Division of International Studies, a participant in the essay contest said, “I knew about the essay contest through the advertisement
and participated with friends. Because I like to write essays, the contest was a good chance for me. To people like me, it is a chance in university. Because writing is one of the studies HYU students can study through it.” In 2008 for the preexisting purpose, heading for readers’ newspaper reporting contest will be held. Reporting contest is that HYU student report and write articles directly.

The Hanyang Journal

In 1996, the Internet website was made to cover the limitation of printed media and to prepare for a information-oriented society. The readers can access the HJ easily. In 2008, the website has a new edition and wish students’ concern. With a fresh plan and a new angle,
the HJ tries to save the Internet media’s feature. The HJ updates the website every month with the full of the contents. The website domain name is www.hanyangian.com. The HJ is made by the students and professional advisers and graphic designers. To make the magazine look attractive and interesting, the HJ has made efforts to change and change. The HJ has a new direction with the new website. The website needs students’ concern.



Executive Editor’s Message

I am proud to serve as the executive editor at the Hanyang Journal, and it is my great pleasure to announce the publication of its 300th issue, a significant milestone. We have come a tremendously long way since 1970, when the first issue—then The Hanyang Times—appeared. Since its modest beginnings, the Hanyang Journal has changed, flourished and grown to become one of the most influential university newspapers.

In this special edition, readers will find a variety of interesting articles ranging from a celebration of the memory of the late Dr. Kim, Yeon Jun who established Hanyang University, to the syndrome of maverick presidential candidate Huh, Kyung Young. It also includes articles on the law school controversy, the nation's public English education and the collapse of the number one national treasure Namdaemun.

This special edition is just a sampler of what is coming in the future. I appreciate and cherish our readers’ continuous support for this journal.

I also would like to express my sincere thanks to all the staff members of the Hanyang Journal. Without your effort, it might not have come this far.

With deep appreciation,

Woonil Baik
Executive Editor, The Hanyang Journal

The Hanyang Journal - 300th Issue

Congratualtions on the publication of 300th issue of The Hanyang Journal! As an alumni of the Journal(formerly The Hanyang Times), I was very impressed and pleased about the celebration. I was a student reporter from 1973 to 1977. In particular, I was an Editor-in-Chief from 1976 to 1977. I remember we celebrated the 50th issue of the Times which was more than 30 years ago. There were a lot of changes in the format of the Journal since then. While we published tabloid newspapers these days you publish journals in full colour. We used typewriters to write the articles and news back then while you use perhaps computer to write them. We went to the printer shop in Chungmoo-ro with a big German made typeset machine while perhaps you send your articles and news to the printer via email. My experience at The Hanyang Times was so precious that during my academic career I wish I can become an Editor again in Chemical Engineering. My dreams came true in 2004 when I became an Editor of the international journal called Journal of Membrane Science, which is top third journal in Chemical Engineering among 120 international journals in my field. Now I am editing more than 200 manuscripts a year submitted to me, dispatching to prominent reviewers all over the world, accepting or rejecting the manuscripts. It became an every day job, and made me busy. However I am proud of myself being an Editor of the internal journal and as a professor of Hanyang University. Without my valuable experience at The Hanyang Times, I could have not become an Editor now. I would like to share my experience with student reporters at The Hanyang Journal. “Write the news with your foot, not with your hand.”

Young Moo Lee, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering
5th Editor-in- Chief of The Hanyang Journal

Bloom Your Marvelously Colored Petals

The fierce cold of Mt. Baekdu’s plateau is a blessing to its wild plant life. As the grand pine tree must shoot its roots deep down into the earth the conquer the strong winds that threaten to snap its roots, it will never have to worry about wild animals chewing on its leaves and branches. Beautiful flowers abundant in a myriad of colors compete to entice bees and butterflies during the dream-like shortness of the spring and summer. The piercing wind of the Northern country is the force that makes Mt. Baekdu an instant paradise. I salute you who went through 300 pains of labor to set forth something new. As a “compatriot”, I cannot say that only fun and good things await you in the future. This is because I know how much suffering accompanies this area of work to be able to shine. As you chase your deadlines, curse and conflict against one another to your heart’s content. Bloom your marvelously colored petals and smack the older generation topside the head. If you accept living in hell as your fate, this life is not all that bad.

Moon Jeong Woo
Managing Editor, Sisa IN


Congratulations to the 300th Hanyang Journal Publication

The New Year has started as the sun has set on 2007. As the start of the year 2008, congratulations on the 300th publication of The Hanyang Journal(HJ). In addition as a president of General Student Association(GSA) I hope for all the Hanyangians to achieve the goals you have planned and enjoy the upcoming days of the New Year. The mass media is the window of the society as well as a passageway to communication. An individual, in a society, gets to know what is happening around the neighborhood to around the world by the help of the media. Media also lets people know the changes that occur in society. It also provides a communication community to people that leads to harmonic existence of various ideas, which will contrive to social development by interchange of diverse opinions. In addition, media is always suffering from all the criticisms and restraints in order to make an amendment. Looking for and making a correction on an absurdity and a corruption in the society is the reason for its existence and responsibility. The HJ, as an English media of the Hanyang University(HYU), has been working splendidly as a campus media. As a window on campus, as a communication passage among the students, the HJ has been providing praiseworthy information and reports by making a communication community to all the 25,000 students of HYU. Furthermore, the HJ has accomplished a significant role in the development of the GSA. An imaginary bridge was created among the General Student Association and the students; as an exchange of opinions through the HJ articles. The HJ gave advices to the GSA whenever it was necessary, and with our positive approval led
us to become a better organization that stand today. As the new kickoff of a new year, the future of the HJ is expected. As a media of HYU, no doubt is made from its matured reports and publications. As a quick provider to an up-to-date campus news, as a communication community for the students to share various of information, as a supervisor of any absurdity nor corruption on campus, the HJ will be awake 24/7. Congratulations again to the HJ and the publication to its 300th issue. I hope the HJ to evolve forever and ever.

Kwon Joong-do
President of The General Student Association

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