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The Tale of Three Little Piggies
Lee Sungeun  |  oangelx@hanyang.ac.kr
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[310호] 승인 2011.03.02  
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   Three girls. Total weight: 230 kilograms. Average: 77 kilograms. Not exactly what people expect an all-girl idol group, but then again Piggy Dolls is not a run-of-the-mill group.
   Having made their debut on January 7, Piggy Dolls consists of three female members; Lee Ji-yeon (16), Kim Min-sun (19) and Park Ji-eun (19). With their title song Trend in their first digital album Piggy Style, they are hitting the music charts with the public's attention on their energetic stage performance and explosive singing.

Piggy Dolls 101
Q. Please introduce Piggy Dolls for Hanyangians.
A. Min-sun:
Piggy Dolls is a girl idol group that consists of three members. We see ourselves as representatives of confidence, boisterousness, and power with a sassy charm on top. We do not have a fixed music genre. Our title song Trend is actually a genre of its very own; a funky melody with an electronic twist. As artists, we emphasize freshness in our group and we pursue discovering the undiscovered.
Ji-yeon: Some people may think Piggy Dolls is a copycat of  Bubble Sisters or Big Mama, but that is not true. We differentiate ourselves from other groups in that we strive to show off our performance and singing abilities simultaneously. 


Q. How was Piggy Dolls born?
A. Min-sun:
I previously made my debut before Piggy Dolls as a member of Mongseallee Sisters. But that did not turn out as I hoped because the other two members dropped out. Ji-yeon and Ji-eun joined me after passing the audition for Piggy Dolls and that is how we were united as one.
Ji-eun: When I entered high school, I became interested in music. My parents were severely against my plans in the beginning, but soon time eased their disapproval and I took the auditions for Piggy Dolls right afterwards.
Ji-yeon: What motivated me to dream of becoming a singer was a visit to Park Hyo-shin? concert. I was deeply touched by his gentle voice which took me to a journey of fantasies. Right when I was at the peak of my aspiration, my friend called one day saying, "Hey! I saw an advertisment wanting a plus size singer like you!" That is how I began my chapter as a member of Piggy Dolls. 
Q. I see that the members of Piggy Dolls were intentionally recruited under the condition of being comparatively over-weight. Do you gain weight on purpose to live up to the group? name?
A. Min-sun:
No, not at all. We love eating. We gobble down food without worrying about our weight. Late-night snacks took their toll on our heavy weights.
Ji-eun: An article regarding my gaining twenty kilograms has made people misunderstand that I gained so much weight on purpose in order to survive in this group. But that is not true. After coming into this group, I just found myself less worrying about going on a diet. As I became indifferent to my weight, my body bloated. My weight gain is mostly due to Min-sun? delicious dishes. 

Q. This group is so full of personality that I assume there were a lot of ideas for the group? name. Was there anything other than Piggy Dolls?
A. Ji-yeon:
We had all kinds of weird names going on in our heads (laughs). I remember typing down all the "cool names" on my laptop like "Wi-Fi" or "If Only."

Ji-eun: The name Piggy Dolls came from our company president. The moment I heard it, I had goose bumps running all over my body. My instinct told me that this was it.

Q. I recognize how Min-sun always takes the stage with sunglasses on. Is that your signature?
A. Min-sun:
Yes, it is. I wear the same specially-designed sunglasses on every stage. My boss told me to wear it on to add a taste of charisma and mystery to the group. Even though I wear my sunglasses, I put on full makeup like all the other members.

Behind the Scenes
Q. How did you feel before and after your first stage on television?
A. Ji-yeon:
On the day of our first stage, we were literally nervous to the bone. I remember how I prayed so hard for a perfect performance. As we received our cues, we rooted for ourselves and resolved to just enjoy it. Because in the end, having fun is what really counts.
Ji-eun: After our first stage, I was head over heels to see that Piggy Dolls ranked as the most searched key word on the Internet during that day. I just could not get my eyes off the computer screen.
Q. Korean idols look really thin on the screens. Were you surprised to see how slim idols are in reality? And did you in any way admire that?
A. Min-sun:
When I first saw those skinny idols, I thought to myself, "Wow they look so hungry." I mean, how stressful would they actually be to starve while performing on stage?
Ji-yeon: Before my debut, I, like other girls, was interested in dieting, but not anymore. I like how healthy I look and I think that is what really counts.
Ji-eun: I was on a ever-lasting diet before joining Piggy Dolls. Even until the day of my audition, I chewed on five tiny cherry tomatoes for supper. But now, I do not try to lose weight by jeopardizing myself anymore because I love me for the way I am.

Q. Groups that have very strong characters like Piggy Dolls might have to fight through malicious comments on the Internet. How are the comments and how do you feel about them?
A. Min-sun, Ji-yeon, Ji-eun:
Oh! We are so grateful! We love malicious comments!
Ji-eun: Whether the comments are malicious or not, the comment itself is a sign of interest towards our group. It means that people actually care about us.
Ji-yeon: We roll on the floor holding our bellies when we see negative comments. People see Min-sun as a hideous cult leader because of her gown-like black clothes (laughs). I think comments regarding Min-sun are the funniest.
Q. Were there any funny episodes caused by your weight?
A. Min-sun:
I sweat like a dog and it just kills me. Our group sweats more than any other idol groups due to our heavy weights. It is so uncomfortable because our make-up gets ruined all the time. The most hopeless situation is when we have to speak calmly after our performances. It looks so bad on the camera when we are huffing and puffing while the show host is seriously asking questions about our group.
Ji-yeon: In addition, we have difficulty wearing high-heels because most of our heels get ruined after a performance on the stage. We have a box filled with broken heels at home.

A Journey Filled with Wonders and Love
Q. What does Piggy Dolls mean to you?
A. Ji-yeon:
A turning point. I was once an ordinary girl with an ordinary life simply waiting for the same tomorrow. But not anymore. I am walking a path to become a celebrity. Who would have guessed?
 Ji-eun: To me, Piggy Dolls is family. I have two amazing sisters beside me hand in hand and supportive crews at my company at my back. The love and care that I receive from these people are beyond expression.
Min-sun: A part of life. A successful audition changed my life from top to bottom. I came this far with two girls that I think of as my little babies. Piggy Dolls have become a part of life, a part of my me in this way.

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