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Impressing Through Voice ActingKo Jae-gyun, a Voice Actor for KBS
By Hong Ji-wan  |  ibooklang95@hanyang.ac.kr
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[321호] 승인 2014.03.10  
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Voice actors bring to life animations, documentaries, radio programs and commercials. In Korea, there is one familiar voice that most Koreans are familiar with. The owner of voice is Ko Jae-gyun, a voice actor of the KBS Voice Actor Association who specializes in narration for documentaries. Among his famous roles are the; recordings he did for “New Silk Road”, “History Travels”, “MBC Special” and “Documentary Prime”.
Ko graduated from the Major in Journalism and Mass Communication at Hanyang University in 1999, after the economic crisis broke out in Korea. Under such difficult circumstances, he pondered over his future career path. “I always had a sense of longing to become a voice actor since watching a documentary program called “Hospital 24hours”, which provided medical information and was broadcasted on KBS. I was especially moved by the narrator’s voice. That experience of being inspired by the voice motivated me to be a voice actor. So to become a good voice actor, I practiced very hard,” said Ko. He was employed as voice actor on KBS after six months of dedicated effort.
 As a voice actor, Ko views his job as a creative profession; where one must reinterpret programs on a certain level. “Although my face is hidden, my voice has left a strong impression on some of the viewers and I appreciated their continued support. Also, I realize my voice has the power to inspire, which is why I love being a voice actor so much,” Ko said. When asked about what in his career has made him the most proud he answered that it was when he had earned favorable reviews for a documentary on the candlelight protest in 2008. Ko said, “My narration on the candlelight protest in 2008 seemed to touch the audience, and that was when I felt a sense of pride working as a voice actor.”
 To provide inspiration for a diverse audience, Ko is planning to make his own short documentary or short movie with his fellow voice actors by utilizing the strengths of each of their voices. In addition, he hopes to be a radio DJ on his own radio show and to manage his own podcast. “I have tried to work hard as a voice actor to inspire others, which reflects my sense of duty. I would like to advise Hanyangians to do their best when doing anything like I did. If you have sense of duty, you can discover your fullest potential,” he said.

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