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The 2008 Tuition-Freezing is Finallly Arranged
Kim Mi-mi  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[301호] 승인 2008.05.30  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  The General Student Association (GSA) made the final written agreement with school authorities of Hanyang University (HYU) about the 2008 tuition increment rate, on May 1. According to the agreement, as a matter of fact, they could not solve the tuition increment rate of 6.96 percent to the previous year.

  Ahead of final tuition-freezing, at the beginning of 2008, The Tuition Increment Rate-Adjustment Committee had been held. First, School Authority (SA) had suggested a rate of 8.02 percent.

  However, after four agreements, SA suggested the rate of 8.06 percent. They also said they cannot reduce the rate anymore. They argued, if they reduce the tuition increment rate to lower than 8.06 percent, they would also have to reduce the essential cost needed for school business and student-welfare.

  From April 1 to 3, GSA took a vote on accepting SA's demand for the tuition increment rate and occupying Administration Building, as a way of protest. And students overwhelmingly voted for it. On April 3, they started to occupy the Administration Building. As a result of this reaction, SA finally suggested 6.96 percent. In return for not reducing the rate. And they suggested 10 promises.

  Key issues of these promises consist of expending seats in reading room in the different colleges and in the Academic Information Center and Library, increasing the budget for scholarships to 10 billion won and the cost of educational environment-improvement to 20 billion won and making a system for dropping units.

 Tae Ki-hoon, a junior in the Department of Law who is involved in GSA said, "Many people are probably displeased about the tuition increment rate. We will constantly propose questions about this. So we are planning to raise a question about summer session tuition."

  Kim Won-kyung, a sophomore in the Department of Sociology, said "If tuition increment rate can not be lower than current rate. I hope the school should be concerned about student-welfare by using it, and I think the school should know that students keep their eyes on SA, whether they are keeping their promises."

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