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Bernard Werber, Writer of World Best Sellers"Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge"
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 Here is a fable told by a storyteller. There were five chimpanzees in the cage. They climbed up a ladder to eat bananas on top of the ladder. But, on climbing up, cold water flushed down on a chimpanzee. So, other chimpanzees got frightened at cold water which would fall on them. They could not even conceive the idea of climbing up.

  After one was let out of the cage, a new chimpanzee got in. The new chimpanzee also climbed up the ladder to eat bananas. But other chimpanzees put a stop to the new chimpanzee's action. They were afraid of cold water falling down on them. Like this, it was over repeated for some time. There was no one who fell the cold water down on oneself. In spite of it, no one tried to climb up the ladder to eat bananas. It became 'a tradition' between the chimpanzees. It was not important for them not to try to climb up the ladder, because it became  'a tradition'

  This storyteller is Bernard Werber who is more popular in Korea than in his home country. He hopes to wake us up, binding ourselves to customs and obligatory traditions, through this story.

  Last April 30, 2008 Bernard Werber, who is a world best selling author of such books as Le Papillon des Etoiles, Le Ultimate Secret, etc. and is known for his unique imagination, gave a special lecture at 'World Science Forum 2008 - Brain Power'. Let's get into his world of unique imagination.

The Power of Imagination

  Where is his unique imagination produced from? He said he is not from Earth. "Everyday I felt) A huge imperfection is one of my fountains of imagination. I have always felt the pains about whatever happened to the human-beings. So, I am writing to overcome these pains. I tried searching for a solution." Also, he said that the best brain is the brain which feels satisfaction.

  "A real clever brain is not only presently satisfied with its own possession, but is also not frustrated for not possessing. Whoever has this brain has power to show real imagination to the whole world."

A Way to Real Human-being

  While mentioning the dignity of human-beings, he said 'Real human-beings do not exist on earth."

  Also, he said, "Now, we are placed between monkeys and ?eal human-beings? We are at the stage of proceeding to a 'real human-beings'." And also added, "Man should not compete against computers like in the movie Matrix, but should pursue harmonizing with nature. That's the real perfect life we are pursuing." He also emphasized the importance of these kinds of forums. Because we can be changed by the people who attend this forum and we can hope the real human-beings could be created through this forum.

Revolution? Evolution!

  Werber said that "I prefer the word 'evolution' to 'revolution' because the word 'evolution' reminds us that we are constantly evolutionizing existences. We should overcome ourselves from our brains' potential energy and the power of thoughts. Instead, we have possible opportunities to grow our brains broadly. Presently, the potentialities we are expressing are merely a part of our real great possibilities." He defined, "Our target is that we keep advancing our evolution until we have the brain power and become a real human-being, which presently people think possible but earlier thought impossible."

Questions & Answers
Q Through 'Murphy's Laws' most of the great discoveries were found by mistake. How many times did you find  great discoveries by mistake?
Most of the things I have wanted were made by mistakes. I think that the biggest mistake I made is a film Nos Amis Les Terrien (Ha-ha). In this movie, I would have liked to have documented observations through 'A man from the earth'. But because it is too much of a creative process, many French had a strong antipathy to themovie. When we make something creative, we usually experience such failures.

  However, I found a great discovery at that time. The thing I realized; a man who can walk around using his own two legs has made himself valuable. Actually, walking with his own two legs has a dangerous factor, because in order to take a step forward with one leg, the other leg supports our whole body. If we fall down, we get to our feet and walk again. Do not be afraid of falling down.

  At this point, the important thing is not to make a mistake, but to be ready to suffer and overcome. I hope you always get over all difficulties you are facing.

Q I think that the most important feeling is happiness while we are living. What do you think; feeling happiness is from the brain or the heart?
I cannot answer that because I personally do not have memories of happiness. But I can say that it is neither by brain nor by heart.

  Einstein said love would spread all over the universe at the time one feels love by himself. Life is thought to be a great happiness even the love spreads. Perhaps, you may feel it already.

  Happiness may be the feeling which will never disappear. I think the happiness will not be hid within a human being but spread to all over the universe.

Q If so, where do you think the source of brain power is from?

  A When I was young, my yoga teacher taught me the simple way of breathing. I think that is the power of the brain. Breathing is the most essential one.

  The brain may feel the power if breathed well and the harmonization with the nature is same. This is more than the explanations and understandings.

  I recommend to touch trees sometimes. You may feel the roots under your feet and its dampness. You may imagine that you became the branch of the tree. Then you became the real tree. This is the empathy theory I told just before and you really become the plant. I hope you experience this definitely and it will be the most valuable and important experience.

Q How can we use our brain most effectively? What is the most useful way you use your own brain?

  A The brain becomes best-conditioned when not being used. But ironically, my way of using my brain is that I use it continuously. I feed enough nutrients to my brain and link with others continuously.

  I wrote every morning at a fixed time for over last ten years. My brain is accustomed to do it at that time and does it continuously. Eventually my brain feels best at that time and puts out the best work.

  For doing this, I would say you should find the fields you are interested in. And then you should concentrate on doing that field. After sometime you will feel deep satisfaction even if you do not try to do that. Working will become natural eventually. It is most important you find the field you are interested in, and concentrated on it.

Q Where do you get your inspirations on the writing material? Whether are you mainly influenced from ideology or religion?

  A I am not especially influenced by ideology. Most of the philosophies are traditional and they are mostly accepted without any criticism.

  It is important to go out to find the inspirations to get them. You would get many inspirations while watching stars for 10 minutes lying down on the lawn. You may ask a question to yourself and get your own shakra. You are better off watching the stars and trying to have conversations with the stars rather than having a conversation with scientists; Where did I come from? Where should I go to? What am I? etc.

  We can broaden our souls through the observations by ourselves and being experienced and breathing each other. 

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