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Fall FestivalsA Party for Us All.
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Hanyang University (HYU) autumn festivals were held in both Seoul and in ERIKA starting from September 26th through the 28th. The Seoul campus festival was directed by the 45th student council, Hanmadi. This festival's slogan A Temporary Holiday was based on the whole objective of the fall holiday which was to give HYU students an occasional break from their hectic school schedule.

Hanmadi offered new activities like VR and booths where HYU students can make their own slime. An EDM party was held on the eve of the festival but the highlight of the festival was when popular singers like, Urban Zakapa, Cheong-Ha and Epik High performed passionately on the stage. "We tried our best to listen to what type of festival the HYU students wanted and incorporate all of their feedback in the autumn festival. This is why we believe that the festival was a success," said Hanmadi.

ERICA campus’s festival was held from September 26th through the 28th under the slogan, 'Fall; well done.’ The ERICA festival was hosted by the 36th club association, Hanyang Daoom to provide students with an opportunity to escape from their mundane lives.

 "We tried to benchmark our festival off the 'Youth Festival' and 'Green plugged Rock Festival'," said Jin-O Lee, a member of Hanyang Daoom. This festival consisted of new programs like the Rest Zone and Tryout Workshops. At the Rest Zone, students could watch movies, take a break, and eat different kinds of food during the festival. The Tryout Workshop offered students with an opportunity to make candles and do calligraphy. Popular singers like Yoon Jong-sin and Mind U were invited to the festival to perform. Hanyang Daoom said, We're so glad to see everyone appreciating our festival.

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