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Five Do's in Searching for a Job
By Kate Song  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[5호] 승인 2009.04.06  
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By Kate Song
Ivy League Education Services
We are living in a world of mass informative society with networks that connects us both locally and internationally.  Sometimes an overload of information may confuse us in finding the right or good job that fits us. An individual's opinions of a "good job" are all different, as individuals have different tastes and perspectives. In general, the questions most job seekers ask themselves are; what do I value the most? Do I want a high paying salary? Should I have convenient working hours? Do I work for the prestige, merit, or honor? Should I work for a big company or a corporation?  However, if you, as a jobseeker want to start and build towards a great career goal, you may start with my Five Do's.

The First Do
  The first important step is to find your field of interest. It may sound easy, but for most Korean jobseekers it is difficult because the Korean educational system is the cramming method, in which students study intensively like machines without really having the time to think about their long-term future. However, if you want to find your field of interest, there are many ways to figure it out. First, think deeply about what you should do after graduating from college, and visit Hanyang Student Counseling Office to take the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) exam. It will help find your career interest related to your major, but it does not mean you have to choose that field of interest. Once you find your desirable field of interest, you are half way ready in finding the right job for you. 

The Second Do
  Make a list of steps for preparing for the future career goal that you desire. For example, if you want to become a successful architect, you have to study architecture related courses intensively and get as many certificates or licenses, related to the field of architecture. Or, if you want to become a teacher at a middle school, you have to pass the employment examination. There are many things to prepare in order to get a job, but you always have to be aware of your competitors.  There are many job applicants who want that same job position you are seeking or have already applied for, so you have to try to be more creative, unique, and show your efforts and energy as in a company interview to be accepted as an employee of the company. Prepare by making a list of steps to take before going to that final company interview, and more importantly, follow your list. 

The Third Do
  Have faith in yourself. Believe that you can do anything, and that there is nothing impossible. Most students preparing for the “real world” are under a lot of stress because they are not sure if they can do well in the field of career they will pursue. Don’t worry. Think positively. You are much more capable, skillful, and have abilities far beyond your imagination! You have been preparing all your life for your future goals, so think that you were born for that job you want.  Then you will be able to get the job you want, and you will keep on striving towards your career goals no matter how long it takes. People should do work that they really like. Enjoy your work, enjoy your life. If you feel your work is not well suited for you, you should go back to The First Do in finding your field of interest. 

The Fourth Do
  Ask the people around you, such as friends, family members, or even people online, and inform them that you are looking for the right job. Grown-ups who are older than you know a lot from their diverse experiences, so you should ask for their advice. Korea is relatively a small country as you may already have noticed. Therefore, belonging in a network of connections and ties are regarded as part of one’s ability. By informing the people around you of the kind of job you are looking for, you will most likely be able to get the job you want more easily. The people around you may help you by asking others around them if they know of any job openings for you.  As you may be well aware, if you are somehow related to someone at a desirable company, then you have a better chance of being hired than other applicants to the company. 

The Fifth Do
  Try your absolute best to get the job you want.  We all know that the economy is very bad these days. There are very few job offers, and so it is highly competitive. So, to surpass the high competition, you have to keep trying with the maximum level of efforts. To win the game, you have to think of doing your best out of the best. If you feel getting a job is too hard and difficult, recall the hard times you overcame in your life such as the high school days of studying like crazy to go to college or even the tough military experience for men.  As our bad economy cannot change in a short period of time, you should take many people’s advice, follow the success stories of others, and do your best no matter how tough it seems. 

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