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Kim Do-hee, the 26th president of Ansan campus GSAA young power that makes change
Lee Ho-sung  |  lghso@hanyang.ac.kr
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[1호] 승인 2008.04.15  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Kim Do-hee, a GSA president of Ansan campus is president of promise and much expected from the student who had gone through many past doubtful General Student Association. She became a certain new blow to Ansan campus. Nowadays GSA is everywhere in campus with their tuition fee campaign and recently succeeded in opening Student Conference with HYU Administration.

Kim who got well adjusted opening these student event told that “We are very thankful to students and GSA relatives who participated in this meeting, however though we succeeded, it comes as pressure. GSA considers this as a step forward to behaving as a student representative we hope we can give back our results to HYU student as soon as possible. GSA always is considering how to function further as GSA is supposed to function as a representative of student.”

These GSA ‘efforts about Tuition fee is under purpose of improvements of HYU financial structure. Kim also added that our purpose is to earn a promise of structural revision of asset. Today, HYU is depending its fundamental source on tuition fees 80 percents.

We have to put it down to below 50. And it is not fair to rise up tuition fees by the cause of pay hike of prices. There are many things which are independent from that raise. Family income did not raised up like price costs. They should consider this important part. it is not possible to judged by superficial numbers like those.”
When asked the policy about the increasing foreigners in campus, she answered, “They are one of our HYU students but they are taken by school’s strategic policy. So school has first responsibility to take over their successful school life so GSA could ask school administration office to make a chance which is about the breed friendship between Korean student and the other foreign student from other countries.”

Asking her mental power as in a position of one of the good school in Korea. Her answers were so confident.
People just tend to attribute their fault when something is wrong especially when it is triggered by someone else. But Kim was different.


“My will is not a pendulum anymore. Since when I was a president of College of Language and Culture, I had seen many failure cases but every time they put their fault on to students who did not participated their campaign. From my thought, it is not students’ fault at all, that is defeatism, and it is my fault. We have to find cause and effect in ourselves. Through the throughout evaluation and self-reflections we can improve our skills to deliver our thoughts to general students.”

When answered about what is GSA headed up, she said, “Our purpose is strengthening up GSA’s power in the campus. Compared to the past, student do not think GSA can change something about school’s policy about their own profits, truly it is not true. If it is a problem related to rights, it can be solved. And our purpose again is to freeze tuition fee same last semester.”

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