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Find the Blind Spots and Delve into InvestigateKim Yoon-ho, the Winner of the Cyber Terror Scenario Contest
Choi Mee-lae  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[325호] 승인 2015.03.02  
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“The key of computer technologies is about security. This is necessary to protect against a hacker who can gain access to the entire system of a computer,” said Kim Yoon-ho, the Winner of the Cyber Terror Scenario Contest. While studying Computer Engineering as his major, Kim joined a cyber security club called ICE WALL and gained an interest in hacking. When asked what makes hacking attractive, he answered simply, “It is fun.” When hackers are successful, they gain control over other computers. This situation is referred to as “the shell falls.” Kim said he feels thrilled and the sense of accomplishment when the shell falls.

Figuring out what is missing and how to break into a computer is vital to hacking. Thus, when working out a detailed plan for the Cyber Terror Scenario Contest, SNE, the team where Kim Yoon- ho and three other members belong focused on the absence of knowledge about a connected network. Kim and his teammates chose “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)” as the general theme of their project. Compared with other developed countries like the United States, where systems are well prepared against hacking, the Korean Government and domestic companies are still relatively ignorant about how the weakness of one system can affect an unspecified number of interlinked sectors. A prime example is the case of Korea Hydro & Neclear Power(KHNP) in which confidential information became got exposed. Kim believes his insight ultimately helped his team to win the prize.

He stated that the essence of cyber security is to prevent hacking, not to deal with its aftermath. He also criticized the current deficient state of cyber security in Korea where those in charge of security get fired and the case gets closed following a hacking incident. Kim claimed that this routine does not solve any practical problems and wastes human resources in the end. “I think the first step is that when an organization becomes economically powerful enough, it should care about security and hacking. Meanwhile, the government should employ realistic and efficient strategies such as recruiting so-called ‘white hackers’(hackers who work for positive reasons, such as anti-hacking) to root out potential problems,” he said.

Kim Yoon-ho described hacking as something exciting and entertaining to him. He believes that doing what makes him happy and satisfied is the top priority in his life. Fortunately, for him, hacking and cyber protection meet both desires and he expects to keep working in this field in the future. As mentioned, however, recognition and marketing of hacking and cyber protection in Korea are comparatively poor. In this regard, Kim said, “To promote more awareness and development, it is important to determine what the weaknesses are and then to concentrate on ways to remedy the situation, just like hacking.”

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