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Let the Adventure Begin in Atlanta
Ban Jae-hee  |  hjournal@hanyang.ac.kr
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[329호] 승인 2016.03.02  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

As I have not been in Englishspeaking countries, I applied for the exchange program of Kennesaw State University in the United States. I decided to come here not only to study English and culture here but also to learn colloquial terms.

Except for poor transportation system, I am enjoying my life here. Although it is difficult for me to perfectly understand all comments and explanations made by professors and classmates, the subjects and its contents are both interesting. I am taking courses that I cannot learn in my home university, such as Gender in the Workplace, American Government and Russian Language. Learning new areas that I have not went through before and meeting people who are studying these unique areas are really cool for me.

What I heard a lot about the United States before coming here was the class atmosphere, which I expected a lot. The professors are very amicable and willing to communicate with the students, so the atmosphere in the class is very fun and enjoyable. It was quite cool to see students debating with professors on gun controls in the United States. As professors motivate students to actively participate in discussion, students could learn communication, leadership, and public speaking skills in debate class.

As I wanted to immerse myself in American culture, I visited new places other than Georgia: Orlando and New Orleans. I enjoyed the holiday of Mardi Gras celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana where elaborate parades were taken place. Overall, it was great to meet many fellow students from diverse backgrounds and to share my stories and culture with them.
Asked if I recommend going for exchange programs, I have the biggest yes for that question. Staying in another country for about six months is a precious and not common chance to get during one’s lifetime. It is worth to take risks considering all the benefits I can get. I still remember the sensation when I was amazed by the diversity and new experience when only a few days have passed since I arrived in the U.S. I could actually understand what it’s like to have a larger horizon of perspective and become open-minded. Meeting new people from different cultures literally made me think wide and fast. Also, I am settling into new environment making my own decisions every day because I face various situations where I have to work things out on my own. Back in Korea, I used to have ‘choosing disorder’ that I felt difficulty deciding what to have for lunch. I am expecting to see an upgraded version of myself after this exchange program, finding out new things that I was not really aware of.
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