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Doing What You Love Fosters Thoughtfulness▪ Choi Go-eun, a Sunfull Youth Forum Representative ▪
Kim Eun-ju  |  karen07000@hanyang.ac.kr
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[332호] 승인 2016.12.05  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Choi Go-eun, an alumni, who majored in both dance(Korean dance) and design, is now the Sunfull(a civic body promoting positivity both online and offline) Youth Forum representative and promotes the Sunfull Youth Forum globally by visiting many countries. According to Choi Go-Eun, “Sunfull is like a light brightening its surroundings,” and wants everybody to live a happy and positive life with Sunfull.

She is also the CEO of a company called Art Wear. Art Wear is a sportswear company which makes personalized sportswear for those who want to enjoy sports in comfort. At first, she decided to establish the company because it matches her majors and because she was well educated in that area; however, the aim of the company changed over time. She wants people to exercise to improve their physical and mental health, and eventually, live a happier life. She believes that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. To help people enjoy sports, she provides comfortable sportswear.

To her, her strength and regards for other people comes naturally. Before establishing the company, she was involved in many activities. For example, she participated in designing the Truefoxy Corporation’s yoga wear, operated production management, and worked as a model. Through these experiences, she learned management, grew strong, and naturally increased her self-esteem. It was this self-love that influenced her to care for others.

She is also diligent. When she was in university, she only slept four hours a day, and used the remaining time to study design and dance. During the vacation, she studied TOEIC and design. Since design was her second major, she could not study as much as the students who take it as a first major. Her passion made it possible for her to balance her demanding schedule. She was doing what she really wanted to do, so she never considered giving up. She constantly practiced selfimprovement, so she could naturally increase her self-esteem.

She wants university students to do what they really want to do without hesitating. If you encounter a situation where you get bad results in an area that you are interested in, leave the matter as it is and draw a mind map. The mind map will help you to focus on looking at the big picture. You will realize that the things you want are all connected, so it is not a problem to put one goal on hold while you start pursuing the other things first.

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